Missing Order SO5090

Hi ,

I ordered The D-MAS , the comfort kit and the Protective Sleeve in Oktober . I got an email on the 19st january in chinese with the tracking number . The problem is that the Tracking number says that the package was delivered on the 20th of December . Nothing ever came to my house from pimax . Is it a mistake of Pimax or did someone steal my package from my door ? What’s the status of it right now ?



@PimaxUSA @PimaxVR Could you help Please ?

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I’d relax if I were you. The D-MAS hasn’t started to ship yet, so that tracking thingy is as fake as a politician’s promise.


Hello Fusion,

Let us check with the logistic team, but we haven’t deliver any D-MAS out to our customers, we assume they sent to the wrong email, could you please PM me the tracking number?

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They told me tough that the comfort kit and sleeve will come first in Dec and then D MAS in March.

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