Mismatched left/right eye contrast on 5K XR

Just got my XR and I see a slight difference in brightness and a huge difference in contrast between the left and right eyes. The left eye needs +1 brightness and -5 contrast in PiTool just to be on par with the right eye.

I know there aren’t too many XRs kicking around yet, but anyone else deal with this?

The effect seems to be compensated for by the software with no big visual glitches, so I suspect it’s not actually the panel but a software bug.


XR owner - I had the same but switching to the default settings got rid of the difference- I’d say software too


Cool, thanks. Good to know.

Where do you normally set the brightness/control software correction to get balanced left/right? Or are you suggesting there is a way to reset everything so “0” works again?

In most games I don’t notice it, but sometimes I do and it’s annoying to get exactly balanced between left and right. Feel like I’m a little off in brightness and/or contrast.

Is there an official bug reporting area, or is this it?

I also have issues with different brightness levels on left/right but in my case is a pitool issue. Everytime I turn on my 5K XR, pitool sets my brightness to 1 R and -5 on L so I manually have to change it back.

I just hit the default button on the sliders and it was back to matching.

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Mostly this is fixed by hitting the default button. Or else, you could try an older/newer PiTool version and re-write the Firmware again with the DFU.exe. I had this issue right after testing an old PiTool 109 version but the problem was solved when I upgraded to the latest version of PiTool just a moment later.

Yes it seems like a Software bug. I have the same issue with PiTool on my Pimax 5K XR.
In dark scenes the right eye is brighter , it seems like an additional screendoor effect with thousands of pixel glowing while the left side is not affected by this bug.
After going back to PiTool everything was perfect, except for Hellblade VR, the ghosting is back with the older version…

I’m aware of the new PiTool setting the brightness/contrast to non-zero values on startup. That happened with the 5K+ too, and is easily fixed with the default button. I obsessively check all PiTool settings every time I start it up (other stuff like smart smoothing has a tendency to turn itself on too).

The issue with my XR is that even after hitting the default button so that both contrast/display sliders show “0”, there is a very obvious difference between the left and right eye. I need to set huge correction values in PiTool to compensate (and even then not perfectly).

Guess I’ll try reinstalling PiTool and/or firmware.

Rakyr: Are you sure that’s not missing mura correction? Or maybe the mismatch makes it more obvious. It happened on my Vive Pro once and I had to regenerate the mura profile in Steam.

It could be the mura correction, but the sad thing is steam vr removed the option to disable mura correction and even the “black_clamp” option for true blacks is gone now…
I hope that these options come back with further updates on steam.

Have tried restarting headset, service and re-installing the newest PiTool (144), hit default/restore/save many times - no change.

I want to make sure that we’re all talking about the same issue. Do XR owners also see mismatched eyes even though PiTool has contrast/brightness set to zero?

I originally said it can be fully compensated for in software, but with the options in PiTool (integer offsets) it’s impossible to get exactly right. That tells me it isn’t just PiTool numbers that’re off.

Update: spoke to Pimax support about this and after some testing they confirmed it was not due to software brightness or contrast settings, but due to difference in black levels between the 2 eyes.

They also told me they will release a new PiTool this Friday which will allow per-eye black-level adjustment for the XR, so looking forward to that! Maybe this helps anyone else with this issue.


Further update: despite what they claimed, there is no per-eye blackness level adjustment in PiTool 180. So no idea what to do right now… :frowning: