MINI (Re)View 8K X - ARRIVED 07 September 2020

I got the thin foam only, I put the 8K +'s thicker foam in the pic below for comparison.

This thinner foam is perfect for my liking.

Still I think it could be wise to add both or make it a choice - depending on face shape, I am not sure if one will always be perfect for all.


Just was in the front door (family got it) when I got back from work - nice suprice :wink:


I check a lot of them, some make it in quickly, some changes take time. Sometimes it’s thought the wording is ok when it still needs a bit of tweaking. We’ll get more and more of the text updates in there.


I am a Backer of the 8K - swaped to 5K+, got the 8K+ (got a good deal) and went for the Upgrade (?) in Oktober 30 2019 thingy. Order Number is [4675].


I went to 263 and hat 262 before. Seems fine - I do have a steam VR issue - it wont start some times with 263 - but I am not sure if its steam or pitool (pitool keeps running stable, just steam VR does nothing).

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you can request a set of the older plastic version of the hinges, they allow a greater range of rotation. it turns out that the metal version is a bit more limited than many people would like.


No issue at all :slight_smile: !

My Brain has a very sophisticated read what you think it means module - so in most cases i just fly over spellings and bad phrasing and never really notice (sadly for my own text also, if I don’t leave it to age for a few days at least and then actually read rather than interpret and remember what I wanted to write)

But for a commercial product, that could be second proof read


I have to admit, I did not read it :slight_smile: I was in “yeah, now what they mean… lets get that fired up” mode ;-).
So the positive cardboard expirience stayed.
I did miss the stuff that was in the 8K+, a small flyer and I belive a micro fiber cloth. Did not see those in the 8K X.

EDIT: The Info and cloth where in the box, just the soothing of transatlantic flights and the elegant handling of the delivery guys caused the box to slip thorough into the “bottom” closed part of the box - see below.


I got only one in the box, the thin one.
( in the last picture above the installed one, the thicker is from the 8K +)

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Ok my bad - the flyer is in the box, just checked everything and shook the box. I heard something and ( if you love boxes skip this line) forced the inner part off - and there it is

if you look in the fifth picture (all the way up on top) where you can see the whole HMD in the box - there is a cable going into the box in the rear left. I guess the small package was in there and got shook down into the lower parts of the box (where not man should go :wink: )

Inside stuff out:


Look at the middle picture of the whole HMD with DMAS, now notice the angle and how low the new cushion is :wink:


Thanks for sharring, the improvements in packaging between the models is noticable. I hope you enjoy a fault free experience over the next year. Also post more cat pictures.


its actually very indicative of the Pimax Experience. Looks premium until you look 1 layer deeper.

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Are you unaware of HINGEGATE?

Those metal hinges are actually incorrect, and the reason you cant pull it down.



Agreed. I got it last week 9/2 and it took a week of usage to start seeing the issues. Kinda reminds me of the 5k+ release

Hingegate, overheating cable, loose dp port, usb conflicts, and who can forget the usb 2/3 issues with ET/HT, and more.

The next issue in digger deeper on is why it gets too hot too even touch the DP/USB cable connector that goes into the HMD

@MReis when you have a chance after your headset is plugged in and has power going thru it (doesnt even need to be on and can have the red LED lit), please touch around the top left of the 8K X headset where the cable enters the HMD. On mine it gets too hot to keep your hands in that one area. Its slightly to the right of where that DP/USB CABLE ends on the top of the headset. Or you fan pull put the cable from the headset and feel the end of the connector.

On my 8k x the cable is alot easier to pull out of the headset compared to the 5k+ it came out much easier. If you can leave it on for at least 10minutes or more, let me know how hot the end of that cable feels for you.


What shipping company did deliver it to you? FedEx? DHL? Thx for leting me know! As those packages seem to come often prior to tracking number , I think I might just register to some delivery services to be more inoformed when the package is on its way.


I applaud Pimax for having the courage to iterate on the English language, it’s a hallmark of an innovative company to not only be creative when it comes to tech but also linguistically.

Who would remember Zero Wing without “All your base are belong to us”


I never would have even heard of it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thanks! I’ll print some and test.
Only heard of Nipplegate and Watergate :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: was a bit busy the last months.


FedEx did it 2020 2020