Microphone issues

Has anyone had any trouble with the microphone on their 8KX? I’m being told mine sounds distorted and muffled? Do you think this is a hardware or software issue? Also is their meant to be a pimax badge/logo on the adjustment wheel on the back of the 8kx? Mines missing. Looks really unfinished


I dont have any Pimax logo on the back wheel.

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I have a dark grey cap on the back, no logo. But do check through all the packaging (including ripping up the glued liner) in case it fell in there. I found my quick guide and cloth pack in there, and I assumed it was missing.

Re mic, no problems - someone I was playing with said they couldn’t hear any difference between that and the USB Logitech headset I was using before. What are you connecting through? In game / Steam / other app? Check all the input / recording levels in the chain. Win10 and Steam both give you a mic level input and Steam also has a self test option so you can hear yourself.

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Hi I’ve lent the 8kx to a friend who is considering purchasing a pimax while my computer is out of action and he’s reported the issues to me I believe it’s in iracing. I will forward your suggestions.
Thank you.

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Sure thing hope it gets sorted. Just went through a bunch of this, as on the last session my friend reported periodic distortion when I was talking.

Had to check through and rule out that it wasn’t the mic caused by some change on my side. Or sometimes Steam voice chat has a problem and needs a restart etc.

In this case, it turned out to be some driver issue with my friend’s headset, and solved on replugging on his side. So just the usual IT process of elimination, combined with turning it off and on again :wink:

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