Mic switch on the headset?

Hi everyone!

I realize my idea/wish is a little late in the game but… At the height of the flu season it would be really usefull to have a physical switch on the headset to cut out the mic. In multiplayer games if I have to sneeze or cough, I can imagine it’s not very nice to other players ears. I have to take the headset of and away from my face to do my thing and then get back to the virtual world to see my aircraft crashed, for exapmple. And possibly repeat the same 1 minute later.
Impatiently waiting for my 8K.

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Thanks for the suggestion, let’s see what we can do… take care!


Wau! That you should even consider this. WAU!!!

You would still have to have the wherewithall to hit the button to mute.
It’s probably easier and faster honestly to just remove the HMD completely when you feel a sneeze coming on.

And of course recommended for your own use as well.
If sweat is considered gross, well what do you consider a giant, high velocity, application of snot?

That said, honestly if you have the flu and suffer from uncontrollable sneezing perhaps a few days break from VR is the true recommendation.

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I’d take a higher quality mic over a mic switch. Muting your mic is probably easier to do with advanced setting.

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Perhaps I didn’t make myself quite clear. What I mean is to have a handy and fast way to mute the mic for whatever reason. Coughing, talking to family members, etc. What could be easier than a distinct button on the headset. I can find that instantly and not having to fumble blindly with any inline switch along the cord or some such.
Muting the mic with an advanced setting??? Maybe I’m not tech savvy enough to understand what this means?

You were clear, it just the people around who never sneeze because of the headset pressing on the nose, never sweat or think grabbing a controller (that you don’t even have) to visit dashboard settings is somehow easier then push a physical button on the headset (no).

I hate vives mic, and I would be like to have a button to easily disable or enable it too instead of checking priorities, audio settings, installing additional plugins that requires controllers and so on.

I use my logitech wireless cans with either, which has a boom mic that auto mutes when pushed up and a dedicated mute button.

But nine out of ten times I instead use a button I have bound directly on my HOTAS that mutes my discord microphone input.
Also have a voice attack command that toggles discord mute.

what do you consider a giant, high velocity, application of snot?

Personal customization. :smile: