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Among all “metaverse”, which UI design is preferable?

Which UI design is preferable?
  • SteamVR
  • Oculus Quest
  • ViveHome
  • Pimax Experience

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You can leave your comment below on the UI design, menu settings, function keys and etc!

I find the Oculus Quest “metaverse” really, really odd… :slight_smile:

I mean, it’s super annoying that the only way to navigate Your library is through the small window in the bottom while the big/main one in the top is used for selling You new stuff or browsing and so on…

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up up up up up up up up :pleading_face:

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Well, you did put “metaverse” in quotes, so I get that you are not suggesting any of the options are “metaverses” in any way shape or form, but still couldn’t keep myself from writing this here sentence… :stuck_out_tongue:

For what they are, I’m not fundamentally a fan of any of them, frankly – I’d prefer simply the in-VR mirror of the desktop to be the interface, with regular desktop windows for options and launching of applications - no fancy custom UIs.

…as for when we actually get something like a metaverse: Give me a virtual touchscreen tablet computer that materialises in my hands without exiting whatever metaverse location I am at. :7

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As far as UIs go I just use Steam for Steam titles, Pitool for Oculus games and adjusting hmd settings and independent launchers for DCS, Il2 and ED. I don’t really need anything else (or more).

Pimax Experience. It’s the right idea. Configurable, hand tracking, flat menus, no fragile (ie. SteamVR) dependencies.

EDIT: Also, Pimax Experience having a Virtual Desktop feature built in to use the real ‘computer’ is super important !

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