MEGA POLL. (Not a copycat poser poll)

  • I can’t definitvely be satisfied or unsatisfied without trying the product.
  • Pimax will probably be awesome (eventually)
  • People hate having their hopes shattered with delays multiple times
  • Other people are spinning the facts
  • Pimax is a young company and is bad with eta’s
  • I’m afraid of failure of the product not meeting my expectations more than losing money.
  • I’m afraid of failure of the product because no one else caters to this type of product.
  • The controller design looks like it might catch on real world objects
  • Please ditch the scent module and pretend it never happened.
  • If they meet the pcvr standard (not mobile vr) they stand to be a major player
  • I’m afraid brainwarp won’t really feel like 180fps as advertised.
  • It being a Kickstarter has become an excuse
  • We want this product to succeed.

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Hahaha xD
I think you can put a few more alternatives in there


Don’t forget to vote k

I would have voted for everything 'cept “It being a Kickstarter has become an excuse” But you only had 9 “points” to give out :slight_frown:


The scent module i do see a real purpose; but probably not regular consumers.

But Aroma therapy with VR could be immensely beneficial.

Even spa’s with a vr twist. :wink:

Ahh thats true. I haven’t really put much thought into it.
It was a third party add-on anyway, so why not.

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This poll’s rather skewed, so I’d be careful with what you take from it.

You don’t have to pick answers you don’t fall in line with amigo. That’s the idea.

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That’s kind-of missing the point.

There are two main problems with the answers presented. The first is that many of them are emotionally charged, which biases people’s thinking and can effect how they answer. More importantly, the answers themselves have an uncomfortable amount of nuance (meaning their are multiple parts of a single answer you could disagree with an no real way to indicate that) and lack balance (that is, most of the answers only represent one side of a potential oppinion, with no real way to indicate the reverse or even a neutral position). That means you can’t really perform any analysis on the results, because you can’t tell what proportion of people felt a certain way on a topic, just which ones picked that answer among many others.


So don’t pick that answer :stuck_out_tongue:

Visit the forum once every few days to check for official updates and ignore all other drama.


So it shows I ticked ‘I think it will be awesome…’ when I definitely didn’t, I double checked on that.
I think I am in for lots of things which are not what I originally expected, and not in a positive way.
Pimax’s recent behaviour has convinced me they are not to be relied upon and their word is worth so little. This leads me to believe I should expect that things are not as they seem (well not as they did seem anyway. Now it seems they don’t have a working product and don’t know when they will. And brainwarp is still a drunken idea written on a dirty napkin. So it is becoming what it seems now.)
If only they understood how much better they would fare using an open and honest approach with backers.

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I keep trying to get this idea out there, and I don’t think it is. So I’m just going to say it again.
What if Pimax is not the issue, but their suppliers. What if they keep having to wait on others who aren’t as in the game as they are. Getting control of the supply chain is most often an issue in manufacturing. It Is More Challenging to get your manufacturing process, including competent and compliant suppliers than it is to make a product. This is where most technology companies fail, from cars to cell phones. Pimax has already shown an ability to deliver. You could consider the 4k a beta. But they still may be wrestling with the dragon, trying to tame her.
One thing that should be considered is a company’s market reputation, meaning their market potential/market cap if you will, often affects how badly suppliers want to play with them, or if they are interested at all. Suppliers may not see that yet, or they if they see it they may want a part of it. The greatest barrier to market is that … not the public’s interest in a product, but the perceived public interest combined with the perceived strength of the company/their products. A chicken and egg syndrome. Once you get an egg then you get wolves.
So just polishing your perfect lenses and assembling your Pimax 8k is not the challenge at hand, at least as I see it. In the real world the negotiations for the parts and work is the challenge. Especially for engineering types. Particularly for very talented, visionary engineers.
I’m just hallucinating here. But I’m trying to give you an example of a different kind of Conspiracy Theory that is probably more realistic. The 4k would not exist if these guys were charlatans before being engineers.
My best evidence is the BE model Has A BETTER SCREEN than the Odyssey and Vive Pro. Short of a cultural issue with myopic lenses, it was damn near perfect for it’s FOV.

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The “mixed fruit chest” poll…any possible rant accepted, usefulness: dubious :joy::laughing:

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Usefulness: Poking some fun at the recent poll-craze :wink:

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Oooooohh ! Finally someone put it in an intelligent, REALISTIC way !..Cheers mate !

There’s no conspiracy theory at all, it’s all proven facts, especially for someone who knows some history and had worked in some IT company for some time…it’s the reality of finance and marketing, and happens all the time, from since the early days.

There had been so many innovative, imaginary ideas and products that have been severely ostracized, thwarted, and slowed down to a point that it was impossible to product or finish or get financed, because some tech giant who already had the monopoly of a product did not wanted to have competitors who pushed something 20 years ahead.

Some examples: C=/Amiga Inc. (a 20 years ahead computer/Os in the 80’s), Blackberry (As soon as they started using one of the best realtime multitasking Os in the market, QNX, and made a great tablet with it), only to cite a couple, the list could be made interminable …

This is a subject that requires a great capacity for broad views and to put together a large number of elements, to obtain the big picture, but unfortunately some folks just stays in their little world, a kindergarten like space where they just want their baby food and impatiently wait and protest if it doesn’t come after a while.

It is always the same outcome…if people start to realize what power they have against corporations, stop buying useless products over and over again, stopping being catched by the hype and marketing shit, and supporting/buying only really innovative products, created from visionary people who view better things for humanity, instead of the enslaving toys made to become useless and requiring to be changed every year just to feed these corporation’s greed for money, things would change in a matter of no time, and visionary startups would flourish and take the lead…

Conspiracy theory ? Maybe…just a way of seeing things (only difference is how you observe it wide view or narrow view), unfortunately, most people who warned us about things like these, and there have been many since mid 1900…got mostly unheard, but their predictions have become reality and the order of the day, now. (1984 anyone ?..)

P.S.- By the way I agree completely about the 4K/BE thing.

Blaa another dictator response system ,Seems people get a holed if they are told the truth or not,
pimax ,"another set back from us ", customers “stop lying to us”
nothing at all positive to add

I doubt sweviver has actually gotten a review unit yet but it should be interesting when he does one way or another.

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Bumping this because screw crappy polls. At least my questions were thoughtful

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