Meetup backer questions

The team will answer backers’ questions face to face during the meetups.

Image you are one of the meetup attendees (or you really are), what questions will you ask?

Please list them all here :slight_smile:


a detailed report of what is, and what is not working on the headset that is demo’d , in terms of the exact means by which re-projection is handled by the headset , aka, is brainwarp working and if not what is your solution currently, and will brainwarp replace it or is brainwarp being abandoned.


What effort is being made to avoid sweat damage in the design and will you offer warranty on sweat damage? Vive being notorious for this issue.


There’s so much stuff I’d love to talk to the actual engineers about.
For example I’d really like to know what progress was made in the year since the first 8K prototype was revealed? Of course we know some things like “lens iterations” (but what was done, what needed to be changed? Did you have to make something worse in order to make something more important better?) - not only to lenses but the whole product. We only have some vague updates about improvements. Some more detail would be really interesting!
How goes the implementation of the eyetracking? Is it confirmed to be aGlass? - it has been mentioned that eyetracking is in “industrial design” phase. Some more technical info about what the team is working on here would be great.
How does the 8K handle wear & tear?
Can it survive being dropped or run into a wall with it?
How easy is it to clean the HMD? Both the shell as well as the face foam and lenses.

Then I’d also ask some fun questions like, what are the favorite games of the engineers, do they play with the 8K at home as well ?(or is an 11h day of working with it already enough :stuck_out_tongue: )
Is the team happy with what they achieved or do they wish some things were different?

That’s about all I can think of of the top of my head :smiley:
maybe someone can ask these questions :slight_smile: (since, I can’t be there as I’m not a backer unfortunately)


I’d like to know game support and what makes a game compatible with the wide FOV.

Does it depend on game engine, store…

Also I would like an update on the controllers and am curious if you will adjust the controller design since Valve has shown their new Knuckle design.

I have no intention of upgrading my graphics card right now, will a GTX 1080Ti DEFINITELY be enough to run the Pimax 8K in almost all situations or would I need to upgrade to a future card.


Is there a possibility that the 8K can be upgraded somehow to an 8K-X?
Either by Pimax offering a service or by users themself? Pimax ambition is that it tries to incorperate a very modular design philosophy (dozens of addons: eye tracking, scent module etc). It would very well fit in those category if the chip to screen architecture can be switched easily.


1: Can I use both eye tracking and prescription lenses in the same time?
I don’t have problem about my eyes, but I want to add blue cut lenses on prescription lenses while I still need to use eye tracking module.

Do you have other option such as lenses film to place on the lenses?

2: Same question of MildlyConfused (just read question of him later)
Do you have any new decision about controller after the knuckle has both stick and trackpad on one controller, do you think pimax controller will compatible with knuckle demo? Have you already try the lastest version?

  1. My friend tell that the head strap of vive pro is great because the fabric at the middle of the head and can balance more weight (better than samsung odyssey), may you think about it (suggestion). If the header has much weight, please think about “nose rest” like vive accesories.

  2. Can pimax show the IPD value when we adjust it? So we can set it later easily?

  1. Can we get a brief explanation of the history of changes in lens versions?

  2. Can Pimax confirm how much % panel utilization is being seen through the lens?

  1. Will the lens insert come with the headset or at a later date?

  2. When guests come over I tend to let them use my Vive. As obviously I’d only have the appropriate lenses for myself, how glasses friendly will the headset be? (I remember reading initial protoypes very friendly, later ones much less so). How quick would it be to apply/remove the insert?

  3. What’s the focal distance on these headsets? How likely is it that someone short-sighted would still need to wear glasses when using these headsets?


The questions I have for the team get asked here by backers in the forum all day long, so any you are willing to answer at meetup time, that haven’t been so far, would be fine for me.
Beyond those, I would not know what more to ask until M2 information becomes available (after the Testers and meetup attendees have tried it). I will formulate my questions for them here after they have commented, at the time.
Until the NDA lifts, I have no meaningful questions. When it does see my first sentence.

Since I live in Berlin, I’ll test the 8K soon. Will I definitely be able to use my glasses with the headset? For example, it’s completely impossible for me to use the Rift with glasses, Vive is slightly better, oculus Go close to perfect, Gear VR perfect. To which of those headsets does the 8K come close to, form factor wise? @anon23564932 @SweViver

  1. Have the distortion issues been dealt with?

  2. Have you tested the older lenses (such as V2 with your new equipment?

  3. Is the hardware within the headset capable of running at a higher resolution than 1440p natively without the upscaler?

  4. What is the present panel utilization? How much of each didplay is visible to the lens?

  5. What is the status of single lighthouse tracking?

  6. Is it possible to disassemble to clean the device?

  7. Will pimax offer replacement lenses should they be damaged in shipping?

  8. Will the setup software have a dedicated English/European translation? English, German, French, Spanish?

  9. If there are issues with the hardware (like there were with the 4k’s color compression chip that used an android standard) will you have a backup software solution for us?

  10. Do you have the ability to bypass or disable the scaler chip if it should be necessary on the base 8k?

  11. Can your scaler handle non linear or unconventional upscale factors like 1.25x or is it fixed at a 1.5x scale on both H and V axis’?

  12. If the scaler is limited can you do the upscaling on GPU and drive the display directly?


Can you have a desktop pc running a 2080Ti (provided the rumours are true that they’re about to be released) at the meeting?

I won’t be there but want to hear impressions of how it is on the best available consumer gpu.


I would ask following questions, some are the same for both 8K and 5K, but some may have different answers, in this case I am interested in both (I am 5K backer).

  1. What is the horizontal and vertical FOV currently implemented?
  2. What is the supported refresh rate?
  3. What is the minimal supersampling factor needed to have at worst 1:1 pixel mapping in pre-lens warp image?
  4. What supersampling factor is currently used - or in other words, what is render target resolution? If it differs from answer 3) above, why?
  5. What is the supported IPD range?
  6. What is the vertical and horizontal panel utilization?
  7. If 6) is not 100% what is the actually used output resolution? (Example, if horizontal utilization is only 80%, then only 80% out of 2560 pixels are used on the scanline, so the effective output resolution is 2048x1440)
  8. Is there any limitation on the cable length?
  9. How much power the headset draws and from where?
  10. How the system (headset+software) copes with dropped frames? Does it use something like ATW or ASW?

Well the journey from KS to the M2 is probably a great story but not really as important to know how things go forwards from the M2.

So, along with what others have posted…

  1. How many known issues are currently being worked on in drivers? Can you name them please?
  2. What will be the delivery date to backers and also when do you hope to sell to consumers?
  3. Will the 8K-X have updated parts compared to the 8K. What parts?
  4. Can the Scaler be disabled in the 8K, even by hacking it?
  5. Are you working on any new products outside the current known products?
  6. How will you manage worldwide repairs?
  7. Will you open-source the firmware or drivers or allow recompiling parts of them for enthusiasts?
  8. Have you contacted NVidia for a partner/ test unit of the new Virtual-Link hardware coming in the 20 series.
  9. If Backers are unhappy are you willing to do a new lens iteration? Is that even a solution?
  10. Will there be any premium upgrade options after sales, e.g. superior quality lenses?
  11. Have you made it so the Bridge Chip in the HMD has a modular fitting so can be swapped out with ease if the new bridge chip improves latency, Hz or resolution restrictions after launch?
  12. Will you offer the M2 to verified backers at the meetup to those that simply just want it as is, forfeiting any further updates?



@anon23564932 has already confirmed that the scaler chip cannot be bypassed/disabled in the 8K. The only remaining question is: Can the scaler chip support other resolutions, besides 2560x1440p, and frequencies other than 80Hz, like 72 (for movies) and 60 (for increased resolution)?

As we all should know, the chip is omitted for the 5K & 8KX.


Will there be an option to change our pledge from an 8k to an 8kx ? Will the 8kx be available soon? I am only asking this because Nvidia’s new GPUs are available this week. And pimax suggests that we need to render at 8k then downscale to 5k then send to the headset and THEN upscale back to 8k .

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I have 1 simple question.

If I choose to receive the m2; will I have the option (willing to pay shipping for returning m2) to exchange for final release if m2 is not the final kickstarter model?


When did things change? They’ve always said whatever ships to backers would be the retail version and we may be able to choose to receive the hardware prior to the software being ready for consumers, but that’s different to choosing to take hardware whilst there’s more iterations of hardware in development.

Also people talking about the backer meetings being the new ‘green light’ and not the testers.

Are these speculations because Pimax doesn’t talk to us, or did Pimax talk to us and I missed it?


See last kickstarter update or 2.

Backers will have the option of receiving m2 shipment or wait.

It talks about m2 possibly being final version but software not considered fully ready yet.