Meet The New Pimax UK Partner


this is Sebastian from CES. People in the UK, there is a Pimax UK partner now!

Bye, Sebastian


Thx Sebastian.
Now let’s stop Brexit and we have a support team in the European Union. :+1:


THX for that Seb,

Would be nice to have more details about that London Meet up :slight_smile:
Also to know where about in London they are located.

And Welcome Steven of course

Once again… welcome Steven, great to have you on board with Pimax,

…still no love for New Zealand or Australia! seems to be all aboard for the Northern Hemisphere though!


Why UK ? Bad choice from Pimax. We need it in Germany, Poland, Czech or anywhere there but not UK. I think Pimax dont know about Brexit ?


That wouldn’t surprise me ! :slight_smile:


imagine this, china, thailand, the philippines, malasia all in a asia union.

could you see them going for that? what would the result be? you can be sure the Philippine economy would go through an immediate boom/bust.

its not really much different to the EU.

not everyone is pro-EU.

really like europe tho :slight_smile: you guys are great.

WTF has brexit got to do with anything? The EU is fucked anyway. Lol.


Without a deal there will be import/export taxes between EU and GB.


Yeah it works currently, but Pimax may end up needing to relocate main shipping hub for Europe if we end up with these tariffs.

In fairness, there is very little certain about Brexit right now and it should be fine for kickstarter and preorder shipping.

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Great news again Pimax and a warm welcome to Steven. A U.K. backer meeting sounds great. I would like very much to attend. Please no more Brexit talk!!! I’m sure it won’t even happen.

Great to hear the UK will have local support. Do you think Stephen will look after faulty headsets etc. He seems to be more about ‘Big business’.

Even if the Brexit is at the door, I find it better as a German to contact me in case of problems with UK Pimax. Alone for the European mentality and thinking about support.

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When a posh Brit says things like ‘I can see this is the start of something special’ it general means ‘me and my mates are going to make a mint out of it - while of course having a jolly good time’. Sorry for my cynicism but I work around these people in London and that’s what they do - normally resulting in higher prices for the plebs while these guys go drinking their cocktails!

He said we should know him from his presence on the forum. Who is he on the forum?

Hehe. I like the cynicism, but that’s business my friend. Few do it just for fun