MAS counterweight? (Solved)

I’d like to add a counterweight to my 8KX, like I did to my 8K, but I have not yet found a good way to attach a counterweight to the MAS. Attaching a weight to the cloth strap was easy, but I need to keep the MAS tighten knob free from obstruction.

Any ideas? Anyone know of a pre-built solution for a Pimax?

[update] Here’s one:


@Davobkk might have some ideas.

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I just got an official test of the counterweights from @Davobkk with my 8kx as a prototype :wink: I’m happy with the result… Will be trialing them along with some other comfort bits we tried. He is a legend, lucky I got to visit his workshop


I have one of his comfort straps. He’s a class act.

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We spent time trying out different weights and came up with one we like, no weight on the and good balance. Just need those better hinges so the strap is lower on the back of the head. But a good improvement otherwise

Keep an eye out for his listing for them


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