MAS CAD drawings to make it living up to the name?

So, for one the new categries still make it difficult to decide whether this should be in the HMD or accessories section (as it is an accessory but actually included with the HMD SKU).

Anyway, as Jimmy Rogers used to sing T’s for Texas and M’s for modular. While it’s nice to have the option between standard above the ear and Deluxe over ear it’s clear to see that quite a few (including me) would prefer (supra aural) on ear if not around ear (circum aural), be it open or closed back design.
My personal preference are Beyerdynamic Pro series and with spares freely available on their schop it’s easy to make a custom build - the missing link would be the step or CAD/dxf files to create the part that snugs to the strap.

So, @PimaxVR / @PimaxQuorra: Could you please looki into this info available so we can create our own solution? Now production samples are sent out this should eb an easy task and once we receive our straps we’d be ready to go.


We will look into it ,and response to you. Thanks


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