Martin, you still there dude?

Hope you are well. What you up to - how’s about some more juicy 8KX vids?



I noticed the European support telephone number that was posted the other day was a Stockholm number – hopefully not Martin’s home phone. :wink:


Did you look it up ? I guess Sweden must have an online phonebook like Denmark has


Im ok guys, thanks for asking. I feel so-so lately. Im not infected or so, but mainly struggles with my grandma which is really bad (not because of corona, we have isolated her at home already). Its been an exhausting time lately, and meanwhile its also sad that all plans regarding events, meetups and exhibitionos has been postponed, and nobody knows for how long.

When it comes to 8KX videos, already 3 weeks ago before the struggles begun, I decided I should wait with my feed of 8KX content. My impression is that my videos created more frustration and anger than excitement. And sure, I understand why. You are all waiting, and its not fun to keep staring at the screen watching videos of me playing around with hardware that you paid for and still havent received. While some ppl say “any news are good news”, the majority obviously dont agree on this, so therefore I paused my feed and decided to come back as soon as we get close to the release/shipping.

Also, due to the previous NDA drama, I wanted to wait until some…ehm… “unbiased” ppl get their videos out first, before I continue with my flow. My intention is not to be “first out with the videos”, which some ppl seem to think. This is not a competition for me, and YouTube is still just my hobby which Im slowly starting to question after all previous headaches.

I will be back with new videos, dont worry. Meanwhile, under the circumstances, I will be here as much as I can and also keep working behind the scenes.

Also, I hope all of you out there are fine and not hit by the corona. We are heading some very difficult times, so be careful and take care of your selves, and most importantly your older family members!


Great to hear from you Martin but sorry to hear about your grandma - hope it all goes OK.

I think you are spot on that we have probably seen enough of you playing with the X until at least some of us receive ours (I hadn’t really thought that though!) but it’s just good hearing from you occasionally in such uncertain times (you being the sort of ambassador for the product).

Looking forward to fun times ahead!


Stalker mode activated :wink:


I think a while back (PD1?) you said there was video of y’all testing the wireless. Am I misremembering? Any chance we’ll see it demoed any time soon?


Sorry to hear things have been difficult, but it is completely understandable. I thought you might need some time.
Regarding the videos, I have been gathering some footage for a professional quality demo, but I would definitely benefit from doing that project jointly if you have the time at some point.


Take care Martin man. Things are crazy everywhere, we all gotta be careful now :slight_smile:


Set your course by the stars, not by the lights of every passing ship.

Hope your grandma feels better soon.


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