Manufacturing time

So let’s say the M1 was flawless and Pimax can start mass producing 1st of May. How many units can the manufacturer produce per week/month/day?

I read somewhere they can only do 800 a month, which means late backers will have to wait another 6 months until their units become available for shipping, is this true?

Good question, had not really thought about the implications of how long it might take to produce the numbers of headsets (until mine is produced). With number #32XX I seem to be quite in the middle of the pool, possibly in the first third, if one assumes that many of the first pledges are information only or were given up later, while the later pledges may have a greater percentage of actual orders of the 8K, due to the increasing hype at the time and the lesser time between pledging and end of KS campaign.

Where is this mysterious 800 units a month information taken from ? Was it a statement by Pimax themselves, or just a guess of somebody in the forum ? If that were the case, I would have to expect to be at least in the month 2 or 3 deliveries, if not later. Unfortunately it seems logical that they will not have an output of thousands right-away, but will start production on a sensible scale in view of the orders to date, which you logically would expect to be produced within a couple of months rather than 1 or 2 months.


That is - unless they are so convinced of the quality of the device, that they foresee a far greater demand when it goes commercial and with the 15 mln. funding, they may be in a position to take such gamble.

I got the info here:

I believe they posted some time ago that the production capacity was 2000 units per month.

The strange thing is that really looking for this specific information is no longer possible to find it. You only find references to it.

“Our goal is to create the best PC VR experience ever. Manufacturing is not an issue at all with our partners, many of those are public companies with hundred thousands of workers.”



Well that would make all the difference. @deletedpimaxrep1 Can you confirm again please?

Maybe… maybe not. As I understand… Pimax used other crowdfunding besides Kickstarter. Hence the reason in Kickstarter you didn’t see China as one of the top ten countries of purchases!!! China wasn’t even on the list. The Chinese people are blocked from Kickstarter… again as I understand. So another question would be, where does the Kickstarter people land in the order of things?

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Oh, ok.

Bye bye 2018
Hello 2019 … :wink:

I recall the same thing. I believe they said their production capacity was 2000 to 4000 a month. I mentioned this a while back, but I could not find the original source even then. Given they will “take care of backers first” I’m thinking they will be able to do better than 800, if they want to get to retail before the competition catches up. Let’s hope.

Do you not think that they would have just a little bit of forsight here and already have started the manufacturing process, minus the assembly of the last few finalised components. ?
Just remember they have had the injection mould castings for the cases and various other components already finalised months ago. I’d say that more than likely they have a warehouse already full of these finalised casings etc. just waiting for the last few pieces of the puzzle.
How many backers are there ? Not including a probable double that figure as stated with us not seeing the actual figures for China pre sales.
You guys don’t seem to understand the way things work in the big manufacturing plants there.
I’ve heard of and seen vids of complete assembly plants being put together and belting out products within a few days. They also can run shifts and do 24/7 operations if required. The guitar manufacturing plants do this all the time where a major oem for several brands operates 3 shifts a day, seven days a week.
Nope I have no qualms about their ability to put them in our hands quickly once ready.


Yep. It was called V5 back in January. People seem to forget they were originally going to start shipping in Dec until they ran into some calibration issues in the assembly line. No doubt much of their manufacturing was in place late last year. No perspiration here.

I can’t find the info now, but I remember seeing the 800 per month number. However, it was a long time ago (maybe even before the Kickstarter ended). I hadn’t seen a new number until 1000-2000 was mentioned on this forum by @Heliosurge.

It’s certainly possible that they could produce more. We need a statement from Pimax.

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Way back it was 2000-4000 units but the statement eludes, perhaps someone has it saved.

I believe it was on the KS page where I took the images I posted. Apparently the information was actually excluded for some reason… :disappointed:

Indeed i found @brian91292 post & @MildlyConfused mentioned it was in ks comments.

But yeah we need the infi confirmed by @deletedpimaxrep1

Lol I did ?

Very possible I did but it must have been ages ago.

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There’s thw link but yeah quite sometime ago now.

I’ve contacted pimax via kickstarter back in november because my pledge no shiftet to position 5.000+ and asked if my delivery will be delayed. They stated the following: “we will produce larger and larger batch. several thousand is not a big number for us. it won’t be too late.”


That’s good to know, since they have a lot of backers.

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Well this new info is breaking that statement by at least half. So higher backer indexes will have to wait extra months before their unit is produced it seems

Indeed. As backer no. 32xx I better prepare for Q4… :sob: