Manufacturing discrepency in panel/lense placement could be the cause of eyestrain and distortion affecting some headsets

@Matthew.Xu @PimaxUSA It seems eyestrain issues may actually be caused by manufacturing discrepancies in panel or lens placement forcing users to have to use -2 software ipd offset on one eye to get an image without distortion and excessive eyestrain, to fix crosseyed displays on affected models, including replacements but not on originals.

I would like to know what is Pimax’s plan to fix the eyestrain/crosseye issues affecting some models outlined above. Is Pimax aware of the above?
Is a lens depth adjustment dial and new lenses a possibility before the 8KX releases?


I should have mentioned that I RMA’ed and received the headset about two months ago. I saw the double vision in the headset immediatey just didn’t have time or contacts to experiment to fix it until recently. (I also hoped that it was due to me not wearing glasses due to being afraid of scratching the lenses again. My vision is bad enough that everything is blurry in the headset without lenses)

So this probably isn’t one of the latest headsets that Pimax USA suggested to wait to RMAs for.

If Pimax isn’t aware of the issue and wanted the headset back to examine I would send it back assuming there is no cost.

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Remember to bump this thread in like 10 days when the Pimax China team comes back from Vacation.

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The manufacturing process gained a custom designed automated calibration system a few months ago. Most devices calibrated that way didn’t begin to appear until late August.

The optical deviation between now is dramatically less. Previously some of that process was manually performed.


@Sjef maybe that is why our devices show this quite heavy distortions?
I noticed that they are stronger on the right side…

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What exactly is calibrated @PimaxUSA


Lens and panel orientation, alignment, backlight luminance and uniformity, optical performance. Also things like glue and adhesive can be detected. This step now occurs prior to the extensive manual examinations.


It would be interesting to test another unit, since I can not use my 5k+ so maybe it’s a deviant one.
@PimaxUSA send me a new unit.

What, it doesnt hurt asking.
P. S. Also need a new face foam.

I know there is an upgrade path for backers, but is there going to be one for backers that are still waiting to RMA, I still need to RMA My 5K+, I obviously would not mind going back to the 8K+, as this is what I back originally .

Hi Kevin
I finally opened a ticked with pictures for my cracked 5K+ housing last week.
I received a ticket number and understand Pimax was on vacation last week.

Is the US still handling RMA for Canada?
Who would be my best contact?

any option to check this at home?

No option like that at the moment. The equipment itself that is used for that is quite bulky etc. A home test would probably be difficult to develop but would require software that analyzed self-made through the lens photos (among other things).

The office number is 407-567-7788 and the email address is

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Will RMA units have different/improved housing? Thanks!

The housings on devices stocked in the FL office are improved but they are not the version with the more significant changes. That would have to come from the SH office.

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Hi Kevin
So when I RMA my 5K+ (im from Denmark) would that have to be sent to SH or is the EU office up and running ?

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Are there any plans to eventually have substantially improved housing in FL office as well? Thanks.

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It was my first guess that if there were deviations in the housings, they very likely deviate in other parts as well like the lenses. I‘m pretty sure that I got unlucky… I really don‘t mind the morphings/distortions on the outer edges but those right in the middle let my Pimax collect dust. Let‘s hope there will turn out to be a solution for that, one or the other way.

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Could you elaborate on the differences please.


Ive seen thing like this :wink:

but i guess pimax’s solution looks a little more elegant

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