Make the 3.5m stretch reward the 10m cable!

I doubt anyone here would complain about that. Like and comment if you agree!

To be honest the last thing I want is a longer cable than 5 meters.

Then don’t use it and store it away until you do need it. I’m talking about it as an accessory and not a replacement for the 5m cable.

I vote for no more free shit. Just quality components

Besides more than half the users wont need a 10 m cable


I’d rather see them invest the money into development. I also want to see them make a profit. They gave us plenty and I am greatful. Let them make some money.


Yes I would vote for that or the hand tracking module. I think the reason they did not offer anything before was because of the outcry here against free stuff. Pimax will concentrate on the headset first and foremost as they said in the letter. the freebies do not distract since they are being added after the headset ships.

Edit: from the look of it perhaps even another stretch for $4M. They might just hit it too. Go Pimax!!!

My hope is that there are no more stretch goal things. Especially not a 10m cable.


Yeah, holy shit I don’t want a 10 meter cable in my apartment.

I understand not wanting there to be more stretch goals were they have to develop something but the cable is something they already have and if you don’t want yours then you can just put it in the closet.

With a little fantasy i understand the need for a 10m cable. I’m sorry to say that i only need 5m.
Maybe you can ask for some kind of discount.
But would wireless transmission not a better option in your case ?

I totally understand where you are coming from. It makes more sense to me to offer a general coupon that I can use on something else of my choosing.

There are not many things left. you already get a coupon for wireless. The only things left are the scent module, the hand tracking module, the longer cable, and the breakout box. I suppose if you are talking about the other parts of the system then a coupon makes sense. I would be ok with that but so far, it looks like Pimax are not going to even offer any more stretch goals.

The Wireless transmition will come in Q3 2018. This is a really long time…
I need to go with the headset into another room so the 10 meters are needed.
An option to choose between 5/10 meters would be good as stretch goal, but only if they have the money for that.

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Did you guys get a 10m cable to with oculus or vive for free?
WHat did you actually got for free with rift/vive if you can remind me…



Are you planing to walk into the inside out or somthing? :wink:

The only things I would like to see as 3.5m and possible 4m stretch rewards is a card with autographs from the Pimax staff :wink:


Oh! A certificate or card signed by the Pimax team with your backer number would be nice.


This would be really cool.

I want to play in another room because i have there much more space.
There are like 20m^2