Magic Leap One is finally available!

The good news: everyone was afraid it was going to be way more expensive than the HoloLens since it has bigger Fov and some other whistles, but actually it ended up costing less!!

The bad news: if you live outside the US you’re screwed, they don’t ship to you :-/

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The good news is - I am living outside of the US and I don‘t care. It surely is… nice. But nice for all the hype is too little (too late) and I fear there will be others who have passed them by in the meantime and will reveal better devices. But okay, if their display tech is really great they still may be playing a role in the future of AR, be it as a platform supplier as they see themselves or only as a provider of AR displays.
But they have not been able to come to the stage with a bang, which means the hype they so deliberately fostered will backfire because even a good but not great device will just leave a bad taste in the mouth of many in the community.

If you think about it, the same could’ve happened to Pimax, but they’re trying their hardest to avoid that.

Pimax never played in that league. Pimax just suggest an interesting spec choice for an HMD we would instantly believe any Oculus, Valve etc. could also produce if they just wanted to.
Magic Leap teased the public to believe they have advanced tech nobody else is currently able to provide and will be a step beyond everybody else technically.
There is a fundamental difference between these two propositions.

And of course there may be more to the Magic Leap than the Magic Leap One can show today, and perhaps their true strength only shows down the stretch with a successor version - but for all the secrecy & hype they have not that much to show for today, and that should be a concern for those who invested heavily.

True, but there are a few things that might slow them down. Getting good lenses for a large FOV headset appears to be fairly difficult. Software needs to be revised to handle angled screens. The largest brands have been pushing OLED panels which currently aren’t cost-effective at high resolutions. More importantly, the high-res high-FOV market is still tiny, due to the need of a powerful PC and a top-of-the-line GPU.

I’d say that Pimax has this marked to itself, for at least a couple of years.

Do you guys know how is the field of view of the magic leap motion compared to the field of view of the MIX of antvr ?