Made my 8K Xs pads fully PU leather!

I always thought the sponge material while nice feeling was a little disgusting if you share your headset with friends often and if you take it off and put it back on again, so with Pimax only offering a face pad (which I have and dislike) I looked around and came up with this:

Aaaand burned into the metal bed of my laser doing that xD


looks pretty cool… well not the burned metal but otherwise…


Confused… all I’m seeing is the same aftermarket PU pads we ourselves us and bought off Amazon. Same ones are available on Aliexpress. Is it the triangular pad in the back? The thin strips of black on the side of the audio strap? What does the laser burns have to do with it?

The side ones are 100% custom, lasercut by me, because nobody does these. The burns you see are the laser being set a little too high and burning the bed while cutting the velcro and leather. The back one is a pad i found that was for some other headset, but it like matches the pimax perfectly…


Okay, makes sense now. Thanks.

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Speaking of custom modifications, I created this nose mount by cutting a thinner cover and replacing the padding with a thicker one. The original nose mount was a source of pain


Oh nice, how does it cause the pain tho? For me nothing around the nose even touches.

I only needed to 3D print new hinges so the lower back goes down far enough for my headshape

It depends on the size of the nose. In my case these sharp lenses rest completely on my nose

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