M1 Testers Roll Call

Hello PiMax team! I’d like to be considered for the testing of the M1 unit, here’s why I think I’d be a valuable tester.

First and foremost I’m backer #375 and was one of the earliest 8k bundle early bird adopters.

Secondly, I currently own a Rift, Vive, Vive Pro, and Samsung Odyssey. I have a wide variety of experiences and am obviously able to offer a comprehensive overview of the PiMax relative to the other widely available HMD’s.

Third, I’m a Twitch affiliate and live stream for my viewers when I get a new HMD and interact with them and answer questions, so I have experience with a) what questions people have regarding headsets and b) editing video to do reviews. I don’t have a large YouTube presence yet, but that’s something I’ll be looking at adding, since most of my interactions up until this point have been live instead of via edited videos. I understand, if chosen, I would not be live-streaming anything regarding the PiMax but doing that live in the past does give me the ability to know what people are generally looking for when considering new HMD’s.

Fourth, I have a pretty decent Reddit presence (u/VirtualParzival) in the VR community and I have a lot of people that follow me and like to hear my perspective on the current state of VR.

Fifth, I’m a moderator for the Onward Master League and have over 550 hours in Onward. There’s a HUGE appetite in the Onward community for the PiMax and I’m one of the most trusted members of that community. People wait for my hardware reviews before making decisions, and my live streams of new hardware are big events in that community.

Overall, I think I am able to offer a wide perspective and an unbiased review of the PiMax and am able to even give criticism where criticism is due. I’ll be able to compare the PiMax firsthand to every other widely available consumer HMD, something that most people are not able to do.

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There’s a 8k forum section and Thread fitting to your post - you might want to copy it there
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Sweet, I will do that. Thanks!