Lowend Spec for watching Videos on 8KX

I do own a Highend PC with RTX 2080TI , my Pimax works fine with this.

But… i want to build another pc just for watching highest resolution movies 6k+ on my PImax (NO games)
Please give a minimum recommendation for GPU and CPU for this purpose.

I did already try with Intel integrated UHD graphics, but PI Tool does not work, seems real GPU is needed.


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@SweViver and @mirage335
might give you some useful recommendation?

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This sort of thing is why I have been asking around the forums for data points on lower end hardware. By all accounts thus far, this should work ok for VirtualDesktop and similar - NVIDIA GTX 1650 Ti.


If you are careful about what options you get, and maybe ask questions (Lenovo live chat is actually very helpful with these sort of things), you should even be able to use a Wacom pen, giving you a VR tablet.


@SweViver has I believe still used his 1070 laptop with the 8kX.

From what he has said it should be less demanding than og 8k and 8k+.

So as @Ludiks has tested his og 8k on a 1060 6g and @Fresco has tested his og 8k on a 980ti(think he received an 8kX so he might be able to test).

Watching straight videos in theory should be less demanding if not 3d at least.

For watching movies, it depends on what codec you will be using (what codec the video file is encoded with).
The standard h264 (mpeg4) format which the majority of videos/clips are encoded with, will work fine using even a GTX 1060 thanks to the internal hardware decoder.
For h265, which is more heavy, it might require a better GPU, and although I dont watch much h265 content yet, I remember struggling testing with H265 6K clips (yeah you know what I mean hehe) even on my 2080Ti. I think it was because of a poorly optimized h265 support. This might have been fixed by now.

Either way, for watching movies only, the 8KX will work fine on a 1070/1080 and maybe even 1060. Its all about the VR application you will use for watching movies. That application needs to maintain a stable 75Hz framerate. The video itself is decoded by the GPU and will work just as fine in VR as it does on your desktop.

But please note that BigScreen Beta and Virtual Desktop are quite heavy on GPU actually, and sometimes stutters even on 2080Ti, so I would suggest testing players like Simple VR Video Player, Whirlygig or similar. These should work fine, as long as the video content is handled correctly by the hardware decoder of the GPU.


Useful data point that the video players work better, but not something I would be willing to limit myself to.

Personally, I am way less interested in just watching movies, and way more interested in being able to make full use of the desktop.

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