Lovely device, and lovely hmi

Really… I wonder how someone sell this kind of things for people, for 300-400€.

Since when this piece of… art came, i had only problems.

  • With installation ( very, VERY confusing website, where You need to know position of the moon to download correct files for something. Nobody knows surely what files for what purpose, or what windows or what graphics, etc…)
    -With device detection (When miracle happened and I had successfull installation of random files from random web sites, somehow my PC detected device. But only week or so. After that, great software, Piplay is not detecting my piece of… art anymore. Nothing installed, nothing changed meanwhile.)
    When this device was somehow working, it is impossible to adjust so that your eyes would not cross.

Now i am thinking if I just drive over this device with my excavator, or sell this to some other victim…

Am I little bit disappointed…

But hey…they are developing 8k glasses… after successful development of 4k glasses… …

The dev team is off for chinese new year. If your package was as complete as mine was. You should have been directed to thr pimax website. While the website is not large. Maybe 2 simplied.

I had no trouble downloading the Piplay software. Tho did n sometimes have connectivity trouble.

If you post the problems your having one of us maybe able to help you. Just remember your a pc user & not some whiney console user.(running anything on windows is often a pain)

Ipd for most is somewhere around 60 on average.

The hmd with a bit of patience is more than decent for the price point.

Now if you require glasses then it can be a problem as with current model doesn’t have a focal adjustment.

A number of things to consider with pcvr.

  1. All VR is in beta (SteamVR, graphics api etc)
    The standards for vr are still being developed. (hence all current hmd is first gen)

2)If you already generally suffer motion sickness and/or feel queasy with 3d; you are better to wait til 2nd or 3rd gen devices.

  1. Windows 7 or 10 can cause alot of issues getting things to work.

So assuming your not a whiney console troll. Post issues & maybe some of us in the community can help til support back from holidays…

Btw - yes it needs a fair bit of work. But still nice not to have horrible screen door effect for 2 to 3x the price.

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welcome to the world of discount beta VR !
You will find a lot of answers in this forum.
If you want we can use skype and teamviewer to check your system.

Can you tell me , my device have a chance get live after bad FW update crash , because Usb has disconected in update process , and now not On nothing.

Can you turn on DFU mode ?

DFU not possible, programm crash an 0 device found …