Looking to switch backer spots!

Hey there! This is pretty straightforward, it’s really just what’s in the title. I am looking for someone that can be convinced to switch spots with me on the backer list(for the headset only). Quick background, I am starting college this autumn, and as of such I won’t have as much time to spend on VR. Bear in mind that means I am atleast somewhat optimistic to when they will actually start production. Anyhow, since I decided to back really late, like the last 200 backers or something like that, I am pretty sure that no matter when production starts, I won’t recieve the HMD before I start studying. So I was hoping, if the gods of fast production starts are with me as well, that I could find someone willing to trade spots, plus perhaps something extra to make it worth your while. That’s about it, thank you for your time :slight_smile:

Don‘t worry, you‘ll have completed the college by the time you get your 8K…


ain’t that the truth brutha…

They will start send from higest number i hope :slight_smile:)

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I’m not sure why everyone thinks companies ship by backer number. That actually ends up being more expensive logistically speaking. This is almost always done based on a ton of factors. They typically ship it in bulk to multiple distribution centers because that is the cheapest. Those centers then distribute based on multiple other factors. Backer number rarely has anything to do with it. It’s all about how close you are to the bulk distribution center and then they might do it based on backer number from there, but it also depends on where your shipment is in that bulk shipment as well and just so many other factors. It’s really a tossup backer number 3 will get theirs before backer 3494.


As backer #6000+ I will gladly blindly follow this logical conclusion ha ha :grin:

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I’m sure that the country you live in will be the predominant factor. The shipping labels will likely be in backer # order. I really hope so. If they ship via alphabetical order, I’m screwed.

It will usually be by location and then probably backer number from there but backer number at that point will make little to no difference. My friend received an item a week before me on a KS and she lives 20 minutes away and backed two weeks after I did. I have never seen backer number matter much. She is considered in a different city though. It is all whatever is cheaper logistically. I used to care when I first KSed but after backing so many you realize everyone will still get the same product and it just stops being a big deal because they have to make it cheaper. Usually with shipping you are getting a good deal as they have no idea realistically how much it actually costs to ship