Looking for consolidation of reviews from todays soirée ಠ_ಠ

There’s been embedded hear say and quoting of other people who were google translated originally. Can someone please give me the info’s?

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It‘s pretty much only the one tweet/report cited early on in the Tokyo thread. Check it out and you know pretty much what the story was.

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The reviews will only be available next week as they were showing an engineering sample which was not the M2 yet.


Is that confirmed somewhere? I did wonder what the Tokyo backers saw… if M2 or something else?

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Yes. Pimax staff told me at the event.


So how was the m2?

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Stated elsewhere this was not the M2 unit.


You went to tokyo meeting? the headset was not the m2 version? you know what version was?


can you not read? He said it was an engineering sample. they don’t assign numbers to samples typically.

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yeah, engineering sample for me its nothing. One of the two people that went to the tokyo event said this

“the guy at the booth did say that the demo unit was the mass production one so assuming it was the M2 unit.”

if its the mass production for me its M2, unless there is another version higher than this.


Whenever it was M2 or not, fact remains they played Beat Saber. Probably the worst pick possible for showcasing wide FOV or resolution in general. I will make sure you don’t need to play that shit again in Berlin. Believe me, Im doing my best here!


I know right? Why beat saber?! I would have taken fruit ninja over that. At least it’s brighter… :roll_eyes:


Indeed, basically any VR game or experience is better :slight_smile:


Well I love Beat Saber as a game. Think it is great fun. However it is not a title to show off the capabilities of a new HMD as it is a simple game from a demand and eye-candy perspective.

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I’d love to test the forest vr, I love that game so much.


why would Pimax muddy the waters even more at this late stage and take the time to show an “engineering sample”? Such a bizarre process this whole Kickstarter ride has turned into…so effin wierd.


Unless you hold your arms directly in front of you the whole time, you don’t always see the saber slashing/block breaking. I would think the wide FOV lets you see it, which is what I’m looking forward to. I actually think it could be a reason the Beat Saber dev stopped working on it for a while, because with fast songs, you don’t actually see what you’re doing, you just look ahead. But, it’s too dark of a game to be able to evaluate the headset in general.

i would love to tell my opinion as i can see there are still many misunderstanding in the forum or information that are probably no more correct.

But we have been told to hold off reviews until next week and that is what i will do. let’s hope the people at the Berlin Meetup will be allowed to talk earlier than that.

correct and theBlue as well. That said since i play those at home a lot too it did felt like i could understand most of the good & bad of the headset by playing them.

But they are definitely more insight which could be gained by playing other games, playing with config and hence I’m very looking forward for your review for this reason.