Looking at buying Pimax, have a few questions!

I’m looking to buy a Pimax but I have a few questions to help me choose which:

  1. I feel like I’m missing reasoning behind some of the price differences and feature differences.
    8k is the same cost as 5k XR? Why is that?
    Is 5k XR just the 5K Plus with OLED?

  2. Which of these can my rig can actually run? I see the minimum requirements, but I’ve see. Others disagree with them. I have a Ryzen 7 2700X w/ GeForce RTX 2080. I’m would use it for primarily sim racing (iRacing.)

  3. What’s he situation for tracking head movement? Do I need any additional equipment? Or for seated sim with head tracking will I be good out of the box?

I’d love any help or insight anyone can provide!

I think this is correct. The OLED panels are more expensive so explains the extra cost of the 5K XR.

This is what I’m using and very happy.

Again I think you are right. For seated experiences like Elite Dangerous or racing sims you are good to go using the internal HMD giro. For room scale you would need light houses and hand controllers. I have flagged @heliosurge as he is using HMD only.

For me the big choice would be which version of the HMD. There are some very good videos on you tube comparing them. Early days it was 5K+ for better clarity (eg car speedo etc), 8K for better screen door effect and finally 5k XR for better colours/blacks. However recently it feels like updates have made the differences smaller than they once were. Eg latest pitool makes 5k+ colours/blacks better, 8k clarity has improved, 5k XR has lost some deep blacks to improve smearing.

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To say it prematurely
I’m sure that you know this.

but looking to the pic you might get an idea

These are just tv’s not the pimax it self it wont look this bad.

But the 5k XR/BE has more side door effect.

Or just go to Sweviver channel he explains everything to every detail
Go to sweviver youtube channel

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