Long review or a short review?

OK guys.
Here is the thing. Im working on the review at least 16 hours a day right now since Tuesday last week.
I want it to be informative. Very informative. From A to Z.
Its fully scripted on paper, no bullshit talk except a few works at the end.
You know I dont talk very fast, but Im really trying to not be slow either.

My paperwork is full 38 pages already scripted, but its not impossible I will add more.
More than 100Gb of recorded raw and mixed footage plus images.
Right at this moment Im in the stage of starting editing everything

I know, this is quite crazy. Not good for YouTube, not so optimal for big views on my channel and many people will rage about the lenght, especially people who just want to know what 8K and 5K+ is about.

But, Im not doing this for the views. Im doing this for YOU in here, all backers and also for enthusiast and people who really want to know how these headsets work in all ways, and also WHY it works as it works. Kind of a very geeky way of going deep into a lot of topics, many times including stuff you have been asking me about.

This video will be more of a very extensive testing results analysis more than a review, but of course it will have review parts with my own conclusions and opinions. All conclusions are made from my entire testing phase of 3+ months, but especially the lasty 2 week with 8K m2 and 5K+.

But the video will be LONG. And I really mean long. Above 2 hours, maybe almost 3. But believe me its IMPOSSIBLE to cover all this in a 1 hour video or less.

Also, making a short version for the dummies is possible, but I will definitely not make it until maybe later. I dont even know how Im gonna be able to make this long video on time until Sunday, but believe me Im doing everything I can right now and Im constantly at home from work, so no obsticles in my way at least.

But please tell me, are you OK with that? :slight_smile:

What would YOU prefer the most?

  • Long and very in depth review including testing analysis
  • Short review with an overview

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Bonus points if you can break up the review into multiple parts.


i want the headset review equivalent of this,


Maybe you should make it in episodes :wink:


Instead of short review you can just add an thesis timecodes into description of long review. :slight_smile:

No, you can :slight_smile:


Do a long video but put shortcuts timer of each topic. You can put a overview in last part video to people that dont have pacience or time. Thanks for all the hard work


Exactly. As long as you want/need is fine, just links to timestamps of each topic in the description and all good! :slight_smile:


I like the idea that kw23, Ader and destraudo have mentioned: “episodes”. It’s just a bit easier to keep track of where I am as I go thru it. I’m not likely to have that much time to sit down and watch, so I will need to break it up, one way or the other.
Definitely looking forward to it! Thanks again for all the work!!!


I hope you will show some through the lens shots.


oh i didn’t mean episodes or anything, i just want it to be almost perversely long.


I suspect (not a YouTube guru) that episodes are a win-win for reviewers (more ad impressions, more revenue) and the community alike (you can’t really see what you skipped through in a long video, but you can see which videos you’ve watched).

As an analyst by trade, I second the call for “almost perversely long” in total length.

But I’m not putting sweat, blood, nor tears into the production… so I’ll happily watch whatever I’m given :wink:


I’m not against episodes or anything. what you posted makes a lot of sense, i just didn’t want to take credit for being one of people suggesting episodes.


Most of it is about the visual, we have enough verbal impressions of the visual. Therefore a focus on technically thought-out comparison pictures would be useful (through lens). As far as sde is concerned, as well as edge distortions, black level and brightness (luxmeter).

In short: the best information is in comparison images:

If I would do a review, it would be very short, it would be mostly test pictures and short explanations of the background of the test conditions.

Here especially: pictures say more than 1000 words :slight_smile:


Lol I’m not sure which is now getting most hype by us in the forum - hmd or upcoming reviews. @SweViver I hope you have the production budget of Steven Spielberg. As mentioned by someone above - I’ll take what I’m given and be grateful :+1:

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I would say there’s more to tell and explain than show, but I promise you that u wilö hardly see my bald head so most talk will be covered by footage.


I can work on that after the weekend!


I’m sure you’re doing a great job!


I’m more interested in making the data as unsubjective as possible. I want numbers; for example, what is the maximum and minimum thickness of the pixel separations (the SDE lines) for both 5K+ and 8K, @deletedpimaxrep1? It is difficult for anyone but the company and the company that developed the panels to know exactly.

It doesn’t help me that the evaluator seems better, almost the same or doesn’t notice the difference, it will be a subjective perception. I prefer things that serve as a reference for everyone.


Well, I’m in the serious minority that wants a short video first and the detail afterwards then eh :stuck_out_tongue: Alright you guys win :smiley:


First thanks for your hard work.

Maybe series of short videos (5-10mn range) about (for 5K+ and for 8K) :

-Hardware specs compared to kickstarter promises

-Your Kickstarter backer / tester feelings along the making of Pimax

-Perfs / Through the Lenses / SDE / Technical infos

-Software compatibility/ Hardware partnerships (things already made)

-Hardware needed to running it (and how to set it up)

-How to use Pi-tool

-Hardware specs compared to other headsets (og Vive too, please)

-Future improvements planned / frequence of updates (if you have intel regarding eye/hand-tracking, other modules, ongoing or future hardware/software partnerships…)

And last :
-5K+ vs 8K

This is my ‘Uber-shows’ list, lol!