Lone Echo 2 = Extremely Poor Performance

All this ocurrs with Asgards Wrath for me as well. Provably a grame timing issue that piserver handles incorrectly.

I will agree that both LE1 and LE2 are fantastic games; it’s just a real shame that LE2’s performance is so woeful in comparison. It ultimately makes LE2 look worse than LE1, since the quality has to be reduced so greatly to achieve acceptable performance.

Elite dangerous is the other thorn in my side. Found a way to run without PP in oculus mode, but it performed worse. Presumably due to oculus runtime itself?

Well, Elite’s “Odyssey” incarnation too conferred a significant performance hit. :7

I think they rewrote all the shaders, also prompting much complaining about stuff, including paid cosmetics, looking different than before. :7

I stubbornly stick with my guess that “Oculus mode” forces PP on, without the user’s knowing.

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I had been so excited for Odyssey. I’ve grown up with David Braben’s Elite. Loved Horizons. Odyssey promised: Atmospheres, new graphics, get out of your ship. Couldn’t have been more excited! Then they BORKED VR

The fact that stereo vision works perfectly fine in the vanity camera, when on-foot, but with all interaction and HUD disabled, just rubs salt into the wound. Especially when you go back from it, to the virtual movie screen, and the downgrade smacks you in the face. :confused:

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I still enjoy Horizons, as my graphics/gpu get better I still hope to see less aliasing, maybe greater fps to go with higher regresh rates…and eventually I can play Odyssey with clarity/performance too. Maybe Luke Ross can fix Odyssey

So hello there

you could try this

this gave me 20 fps in green hell and high from medium, works with many games, not sure it does with le2 , it works with unity and unreal engine, afaik just be sure to read the readme and place the dll and the config right.
It can also be found in these forums im not sure where atm.

so cudos and good luck, i got to play that one next !

It works for steamvr games only. But it also has FFR, which was another thing I could use to boost frames in Elite Dangerous. Sadly not so for Oculus games.

Openvr_fsr has been superseded by vrperfkit, which works with both SteamVR and Oculus – just follow the same github link, and check fholger’s other projects.

It injects through trojanhorseing dxgi.dll, instead openvr_api.gll.

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Yeah I forgot it does supposedly work with oculus, just not on Pimax last I checked.

Interestingly I just checked LE1 for GPU usage and it’s stuck at 80% max as well. Hope this eventually gets fixed.

i had poor performance in LE1, it was because the game was running in windowed mode, in the games settings you can change it to run full screen, worth a look.

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You can fix the 80% gpu error by reverting to Pitool .263

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pitool right ?

this is in fact wrong.It also works with oculus but you have to set it to open xr which is supportet.
Dont worry no offense intendet.

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No offense taken! The issue is still listed in the github as not resolved so I assumed it wouldn’t work still. fholger and I had at one point discussed that he was giving up becuase Pimax used a set of old .dll libraries for the Oculus implementation and he didn’t have time or desire to sort it out - so if it works now with Oculus that’s wonderful!

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@DJSlanr Thanks for the tip. I can’t go back that far. 263 won’t detect my 8K-X. The oldest one, unfortunately for me, is v.272, where they introduced Stupid Smoothing instead of Smart Smoothing and thus made the feature totally useless. And no, Pimax, I’m not going to quit talking about that because you NEED TO FIX IT. It should have been fixed within days of initial release. You destroyed a functional feature and you haven’t bothered to fix it yet. I can’t be any clearer than that. It needs to be fixed!

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It’s odd. I have an 8KX and it recognizes fine with .263 and up. must be a firmware difference?

Probably a firmware difference. I would love to try v. 263, but it’s one of the revisions I don’t have and I would also be afraid it would flash my HMD with an unwanted firmware.

@hammerhead_gal @PimaxUSA A suggestion, OK, two suggestions: 1) Make all PiTool revisions easy to find so I can download and test them without searching the net for ages. 2) Make all firmware updates manual only; northing automatic.

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