Locomotion comparisons & ideas

I ordered the lite+ version of this:

The idea of the current other form of locomotiosn that chain you to a fixed point, bugs me


That looks cool. Did they provide you with an ETA? On their website it says pre-order… I would be really interested in your opinion of the product when it arrives! Good find and good luck!!!

EDIT: I just spoke with WalkOVR and they told me they are not compatible with WMR headsets at the moment… darn it!!! They might be in the future though. If I got this… I would also want it to be compatible with the Pimax.

Is this not already compatible with the Pimax 4K? Or is it an extention to the Vive wands?

Yes. They plan to ship it before December

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I doubt this product is compatible with the Pimax 4K since they told me it’s not compatible with WMR hmd’s… but they have a chat feature on their website and they responded very quickly in-case you want to ask them.

I am writing them now. But they are a product in development and there would be software updates, so I do not see why in the future they can not extend the conpatibility to other headsets

Absolutely agree…

FYI… I also got on their email list… they sent me an email saying:

"By the way, if you are interested we would like to show our love too.

Please feel free to ask for a %5 discount code for any WalkOVR products you purchase in the future. We are releasing new versions and planning a Kickstarter soon.

So you can redeem your code on our website or at our Kickstarter campaign."

Does it mean I lost the lost the 5% discount ?

Also I am wondering what their kickstarter campaign would offer…

In general i hate those solution of locomotion that they claim to solve the problem of free locomotion for long distance walk but that they are actually "walk straight or run straight " long distance locomotion.
There is no such thing as “free loconotion” if you are tight to a fixed point…

I was wondering the same… that’s why I mentioned it to you. On their site…within one of their youtube boxes it allows you to add your name and email address. Fill it out… and you should get the same Email that I did.

My reply is not a treadmill idea, though these ppl offer their treadmill. It Is a walk in place solution after I expressed my thoughts about what is a problem with treadmill ,including this new version of kat walk and also the walkovr treadmill.

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May be not focus only treadmill, may etc too.

Today I just see the vive tracker in github and look interesting too.

I have 7 vive trackers and there is an opevr driver that allow to use the trackers for walk in place solution. That is also another option. Though it seems the driver needs updates/being improved/optimized and the vive trackers are bulky on your body compared to the sensor of the walkov+ lite

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Lets just call the WalkOvr+ the new Kit Kat

Watching the video it looks like it just measures the bounce on the leg(s). I wonder though, how does this compare to just putting vive trackers on your belt or even on your feet to do those same measurements

Can you share the driver, my friend is intersesting about this.

watching that video… at around 1:10 looks like a serious trip hazzard. I like the concept, but needs the wireless module to make is feasible.

It is here :

GitHub - pottedmeat7/OpenVR-WalkInPlace: An OpenVR driver that applies virtual movement using a pedometer

I tried it before and it needed some minor fix. I think the driver is getting better and works for different games now.

You might want to give it a try

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I have TPCast for enjoy the best possible the free locomotion idea. The wire of the vive headset is indeed a trip hazard, even without using the walkinplace idea.

For example, I like full body capture motion idea for recording dancing VR avatar, and it impossible to do that with a vive wire ovre your head, that goes between your legs and in front of your feet while dancing…so defenetly the go wireless is a MUST for best enjoying free locomotion VR.

I find the treadmills a solution that goes against the idea of free locomotion that is also pushed by the wireless modules that are out and will come out and the wireless headsets in production.

I think the next idea of vr “long distance locomotion”, should aim developers toward developing “play areas carpets” that allow you to extent you walking movement/motion when you reach the edge of your play area space.
I do not know. Just some thoughts. like a rolling carpet that rolls when u reach the edge of the play area, with nothing holding you in place/anchoring you…but it is easy to say, hard to develop such thoughts

Okay, this is the same driver which I just saw yesterday.

Yes. Correct. It can be used with the vive trackers , that like I said, are bulky sensors and also the driver needed some optimization , at least when I tried it a while ago.