Live for Speed is surprisingly excellent in the 8k (no PP!)

Played this a while ago on the Vive but with no horizon lock and basic graphics, I preferred Assetto. But this has now been added as well antialiasing and in-game supersampling (via a beta patch).

But most importantly they have made it work with Pimax, no PP required! Their patch notes specifically mention Pimax, a few times. :grinning:

With all settings max, 8x antialiasing, 150 supersampling I am getting a smooth 70 to 80 FPS without motion smoothing. PiTool is at 1, Steamvr I think is 30% and application specific set at 100%. And it looks sharp and clear and drives brilliantly. I am really pleasantly surprised. A big graphics update looks to be in the works, I just hope it does kill performance! The beauty of this is how smooth it is.

Anyway, there is a free time unlimited demo, if you are in to VR racing, it’s worth a look.


Just tried it for the first time and wow. Thanks for the hint! :wink:

I’m playing with a Steam Controller (I backed the FeelVR direct drive wheel and pedals, but it’s not ready yet) and it works if not better then at least on par with any other driving sim I’ve tried so far.

That Formula BMW FB02 (which is one of the three cars in the free demo) is a blast to ride!

I’ll definitely buy the S3 package.

BTW - For anyone interested there’s one track (Blackwood) and three cars in the demo (XF GTI, XR GT and Formula BMW FB02).

You can see the different content packages/licenses here: