Lighthouse valve V2 and new controller valve knuckles

Sorry I don’t no speak English.
If I can give you a good tip, I advise you to use LH of valve V2 and new valve controller vr knuckles.
You have taken example on controllers htc vive, I think this is not the right choice.
Everyone thought that htc controller are the least immersive.
Focus on the mask, that’s what will make the difference.

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Awesome suggestion. I have added @user_name to call attention to your post with 2 of the PiMax team.

knuckles of valve and Lighthouse V2 will become the reference in the middle of VR.
LH V2 are price is lower than V1.
Compatibility with games VR will make all the difference for sales of the mask.
Furthermore, more controllers will be compatible with the games, more the mask will be successful.
Developers of VR games will concentrate on knuckles because there are many more possibilities thanks to finger tracking.

Those 2 controllers look nice. However the HMD itself still needs some tracker.

I saw on pics of pimax 8k that sensors of mask are above while htc vive and oculus that are on the mask.
Sensors above the mask will force users to place lighthouses in height .
So i think that it’s better when the sensors are on the mask as htc vive and oculus.