Li-Fi wireless for Pimax 8K

So thoughts about the current wireless module proposal for the Pimax HMD and wireless networking via Wi-Fi seems a misstep. The assumption from many of the community is that Wi-Fi will be the meas of communication to the headset, as of yet we have not had a specification for the wireless module presented.

Wi-Fi has several major drawbacks, bandwidth, distortion, interference and need for a high power broadcast unit are a few worth considering.

I would like to make the following observation:

Outside-in HMD’s are the ideal candidates for Li-Fi networks (Li-Fi - Wikipedia). The base station lighthouses currently transmit high precision time-stamps to the HMD receivers which work much the same as a GPS system numerous atomic clocks signals (albeit much simpler in as there is no distortion of time space within your home!).

With base stations already able to transmit data to the HMD, is there not the possibility of streaming the additional display output data via the same means? I am sure a person much smarter than myself could provide scientific reasoning as to whether or not this is possible.

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I’ve read up on lifi in the past. If using wifi i would imagine/hope it uses a seperate band ie propriety as regular wifi might have too much interference at least in my guess opinion.

With lifi though i think it would need to have seperate emitter/reciever to the laser tracking.

Intel’s WiGig looks very promising… they even have prototype demos of it up and running working with the VIVE

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Not that I imagine you’ll be laying down much but with Li-Fi being line of sight I doubt it being a suitable option

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Perfect for parents who want to troll their kids who are using their VR Headsets too much though. (by blocking the line of sight on purpose)

if your line of sight is occluded your positional tracking won’t be working either. Are you stating that no positional tracking is okay whilst lack of video feed is not?

I don’t know, I was attempting to make an uneducated joke.

You might want to lie down if you’re watching a movie or playing a game that uses a controller.