Let's hold a contest on the 5/8k hmd mount!

I don’t like any of the pre-existing hmd mount mechanisms. Let’s put the community brain power to good use and design the best hmd mount in the market!

Pimax, what should the reward be?
How should the mounts be judged?

I suspect the winners will be a variety of mounts catering to style and balancing form vs functions.

And nobody mention rgb!

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I would advocate we let the design team at pimax do their job. People with degrees in industrial design, and ergonomics training who are very far along in the design of the solid strap and who should be allowed to complete and ship it as soon as possible.

They designed an incredibly complex mechanical device, i have every faith in them to design a strap for it.

If people want to have fun and design alternate straps they can knock themselves out, we live in a time where you can buy a 150 dollar licence for z brush core, have free blender 3d, can sculpt and print whatever you want , and have whatever headstrap you want.


Once I finally get the headset I’ll just glue it to my face and never take it off.


I think the op is talking about smth to put the hmd on when not in use. But I am not sure… :slight_smile:

the only 2 uses of the term i know of would be to refer to the system that mounts the hmd to your face or the system that you slot a smart phone into to mount it to your face. if im mistaken, i apologise and am all for it.

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Pimax Eric tried the head mount. It should be well developed by now


You should want Pimax to succeed. Why wouldn’t you support a headset mount contest? Necessity may be the mother of all inventions, but serendipity is what creates what works, and works well.

I do want pimax to succeed. That’s why i want a professional to design their hmd mount.

I don’t want random people without qualifications designing a critical ergonomics aspect of the hmd. I especially don’t want them to do so when they have perfectly fine designs in production by professionals, which should not be abandoned and hold up production because you don’t like them. I’m also personally, not a big fan of ‘contests’ or as it is known, spec work.

Listen, if pimax responds, and decides they want to indulge this, more power to them. But as far as i know they have pretty well defined hard strap prototypes since the time of the kickstarter, and a long list of serious work to do, like controller design being finalised, without coming back and redoing something that is not broken to begin with, at great unnecessary expense.


Dude, it’s a contest. Pimax doesn’t necessarily have to adopt it. But the more creativity the better.

like i said if they want to indulge it, more power to them, you asked me why i wouldn’t support it, i answered .

Fair enough.

the Pimax Buttboob XXX HMD mount



Can somebody tell me what we are talking about? If we are talking about headstraps i would totaly agree with @destraudo. If we talk about a nice mount for my desk where i put my pimax when i don’t use it a contest would be fun.

( if @D3Pixel hadn’t already won it with his buttboob mount… ) :grin:


i mean he has not clarified but since he describes them as mechanisms i would have leaned strongly as meaning headstrap.

The buttboob is an excellent piece of work to be sure but i wouldn’t class that role as being a mechanism.

The trolls always respond first.

I don’t get it. My question was real. Most people here aren’t native english speakers. Can you just clarify what you mean instead of accusing us of trolling?

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A strap, a mounting mechanism to comfortably and easily fit the headset to the head.