Left Screen Shuts Off After Some Playtime

I’ve been using my 5K+ almost daily for the last 5 months without any problem. (Other than the low GPU utilization that I fix with the tweak)

A few days ago, the left screen went completely black (no backlight). I shut the headset off and on. Everything fine for two days and then it happened again. I was then unable to play anything on that night because it was doing it constantly after just seconds of play.

Yesterday, I thought about changing the Hz rate after the first occurrence from 72Hz to 90Hz. After 10 minutes of play at 90Hz, half of the left screen turned off and instantly came back to normal. I finished my race without anymore problem. I then switched back to 72Hz and was able to do a 20 minute race without any issue.

I’m trying to determine if it’s the headset that is defective but I’m not sure yet. The reason why I’m not sure that it’s the headset is because the same thing happened twice in WestWorld: Awakening with my Rift CV1 two weeks ago. The difference is that I only had to escape to the game menu to get the screen back. At the time, I thought that it was a bug in the game. I also raced with the Rift yesterday to try to reproduce the problem but it did not occurred.

I have a ticket open with Pimax US support and they referred me to a tech but I will probably not hear from him before Monday, after the Mid-Autumn Holiday in China…

All that to say: Has anybody experienced this problem? (I know of one: @davidwanj)


I used to have one of the HMD panels on my 5K+ turn off (I think it was always the left, but not 100% sure). @Heliosurge mentioned a firmware update to the Nvidia 10xx cards (I have a 1080) that had to do with their support for DisplayPort. When you run the executable, it tells you if your card needs the update or not, btw. Mine did and after applying it, I don’t think I’ve experienced the panel blanking issue. You might want to try this update, though it could be that in your case, your really have a problem with the HMD rather than it being on the video card end.



My graphics card is an RTX 2080 but I checked anyway. Thank you for the suggestion!

The problem seems to be the cable because I was able to fix the issue by wiggling the cable last time it happened. Support then asked me to record a video next time it happens but it hasn’t happened since. I’m waiting for the next occurrence…