Last piplay ver and Flyinside

Hi team,
The last ver of piplay 1.2.33, doesn’t work with last 1.70/ 1.75 Flyinside software.
This software is interface frpm Xplane 10/11, Prepared V2/3 and FSX.
Must use to flying in vr with this 3 must fly simulator.
VR is use of a lot of simmer, must test piplay with this software before.

Kin regards


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I find 1.1.92 works the best using Vive version of Flyinside - its very smooth. I don’t think latest version of Pimax software is any better for Flyinside user so stick with 1.1.92, really.

I would like to try it that way but I cannot make Pipaly detect PImax with 1.1.92
I use FlyInside 1.7x with P3dv3 and OCPluginSupport from Pimax

I just received my Pimax today. I am running Prepar3d 4 and I am getting quite a bit of judder, like an extreme earthquake. I’m thinking it might have something to do with a conflict with mouse look that I’ve set somewhere. Did you have that issue?

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