Large smear inside lenses? Brand New Pimax 5K+

So I bought a Pimax 5K+ on Prime Day and finally got a chance to hook it up tonight. I took off the plastic film protecting the lenses, put it on, and everything seemed really blurry. That couldn’t be right. I examined the lenses and it looked like there was residue from the plastic film on them? So I tried carefully cleaning them first with the soft cloth, and then with a little a dab of optical lens cleaner. However, as far as I can tell, it seems to be on the inside of the lens?!

Is this glue or something? It affects large swaths of both lenses. It was hard to get a good angle with my camera, but you can see the nebulous smear (with a couple of small bubbles) on the right lens. The left one is similar, if ever-so-slightly better.

I have a couple of weeks yet to send it back to Amazon. Is that the right call, or am I totally missing something? This can’t be normal. Thanks!

(Click to view full sized to see the extent of it.)

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Seems to be a RMA. I wonder how this got through the QA

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Returned quickly and painlessly with Amazon. Replacement arrived yesterday, seems perfect this time.

I have a HTC Vive and a Samsung Odyssey, and the viewport on the Pimax seems terriffic in comparison. Now to transfer the audio strap from the Vive to the 5K+.