Large FOV option gone

Hey guys, so I went and started from fresh and loade up the 253 drivers first, then it went and updated to the 258 and then I added the latest that has a setting for Half life, now for some reason I don’t have that option like I first did when I installed my Artisan and loaded the latest drivers I had the option of Large/Normal/small, now all I have is normal and small. Did they remove that option to have large?
Did I do something wrong with the install? Is the normal still giving me the 170 diag and 140 horz?

are you running firmware version 263

I re installed up to the Alyx ver. But I dont know why that option isn’t listed but anyways I have it on normal and 90 hz and its running great, Half life looking awesome, no glitches in any game so I’m happy.
Tnx for the reply

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sorry i just realized that you have an artisan , the firmware i was referring to is for 5k+'s. My mistake but glad that its working well for you. :+1: