Know model of Pimax 8k with serial number

Hi someone offers me a pimax 8k. I asked if its a 8k+ or 8kx and je donnt know. He sent me SN. Its posible to find out the model with that?

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Yes the first 3 digits can determine model. Also ask for cable info.

Ie 1 usb 1 DP and a 12v adapter is earlier models and does not have usb3.

Other newer model uses 1 dp with 2 usbs no 12v psu as it is powered by usb.

The 8k+ has 2 versions. 8kX only has upgraded usb powered platform.

This is SN 20060091014458. He give me the chance to try but sadly I’m doing quarantine and not being able till moonday. If its 8kx I will reserve it if not I dont want to waste his time. Thank you

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That looks to be a KS 8k as mine starts 2006. The 8kX I have starts with 207.

So that should be a black housing. Unless it is very cheap would recommend skip.

If he will let you check it out on monday still worth a look. But by the serial not an 8kX. If you still have your 8k+ check the serial.

5k+ serials 202, 203, 203
Og 8k 200
8kX 207 (might be others)

Not sure on:

Both Artisan and 8k+ may have 2 numbers due to usb power revision that also has usb3.


Yes it has black howsing. Is indeed very cheap. Why you recomend to skip. It have any major problem? Thanks in advance you have been so kind.
Edir: I’m only interested if its a 8kx. I had a 8k+ before and sold it. If its a 8k from ks its a 8k+ isnt it?

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No the og 8k uses different panels. It is still upscaled but only went as high as 80hz and has a pentile like lcd panel. So the picture will not look as good as the 8k+ which uses rgb panel like the 8kX.

The 8k+ is what ppl more expected from the KS.


Thanks alot for the information. Have a nice day and merry christmas.

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Your very welcome and a Merry Christmas to you as well! thanks


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