[Kinect] using as headTracking

Hello, @crony can u help to found how make the kinect a headtracker for the pimax please

for now :
i have a kinect xbox 360

what i need to install and how configure it please



looks cool,
but u have not explain how make this real

Hi, @pimax_fr
It is not easy because it is based on OSVR. However, I will let you know about the videos and documents.
First, the video below shows how to use pimax 4k with osvr in extended mode
Pimax4k must be in extended mode (video mode) and you must close all programs and services for pimax.
Download : MEGA
How to to run steamvr in extended mode via osvr with Pimax4k - YouTube

Second, using kinect

This is my osvr_server_config.json

“display”: “displays/Oculus_Rift_DK2.json”,
“renderManagerConfig”: “sample-configs/renderManager.extended.landscape.json”,
“drivers”: [
// Combine Oculus DK1 orientation with Kinect position
“plugin”: “je_nourish_fusion”,
“driver”: “FusionDevice”,
“params”: {
“name”: “DK1_Kinectv2”,
“position”: “/je_nourish_kinect/KinectV2/semantic/body1/head”,
“orientation”: “/je_nourish_openhmd/Oculus Rift (Devkit)/semantic/hmd”,
// Eyes are above and in front of the center of the head
“offsetFromRotationCenter”: {
“x”: 0,
“y”: 0.01,
“z”: -0.05
// Pass the timestamp from the Kinect skeleton data to OSVR
“timestamp”: “position”
“aliases”: {
“/me/head”: “/je_nourish_fusion/DK1_Kinectv2/tracker/0”,
}, “server”: {
“sleep”: 1

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dear pimax_fr
Actually, I did the Kinect through the Unity3D application.

It’s cause error "error [OSVR Server]: Caught exception constructing server from JSON config file: Error in parsing JSON: * Line 26, Column 1
Missing ‘}’ or object member name

Sorry for that,
please change :
“/me/head”: “/je_nourish_fusion/DK1_Kinectv2/tracker/0”,
“/me/head”: “/je_nourish_fusion/DK1_Kinectv2/tracker/0”

Don’t be sorry dear. Thanks for fixing.

Hello Crony. I got my pimax4k works with OSVR FUSION now as you let me know above comment.

So it was works as extended mode. but sadly… rotation did not work.

I saw some comment for the rotation work with kinect before but I forgot it. it was needed to modify a config file for work only the position tracking except rotation.

Do you have heard that before?

I’ve got a error message from your config file.

Sept 27 00:43:37.803 info [OSVR: org.osvr.analysisplugin]: Could not resolve source for /je_nourish_openhmd/Oculus Rift (Devkit)/semantic/hmd
Sept 27 00:43:37.804 info [OSVR: org.osvr.analysisplugin]: Connected 1 of 2 unconnected paths successfully

I think “/je_nourish_openhmd/Oculus Rift (Devkit)/semantic/hmd” it wrong path tree.

where did you get this path? is it sure for work with pimax DK1 sensor?

OSVR-OpenHMD plugin support dk1&dk2 tracker but not pimax 4k.
So I baught dk1 tracker from aliexpress.
If you have vive tracker there is another way.

And This is the easiest way to avoid using osvr.

ah… yes… I realized after searched for the tracker code in the OSVR JSON files.

I saw wrong flag of display in the json config file as the OSVR_HDK_1_3 display and “orientation”: “/com_osvr_Multiserver/OSVRHackerDevKitPrediction0/semantic/hmd”

Thanks for helped me crony. So how would you speak well english ? Did you live overseas before? I saw you play the pimax in the PC Play Room on the youtube. Is there korea right? You are so clever.