kickstater nr 3.250 where is my pimax

i give you more than one time my adress for shipping !!!
kickstater nr 3.250

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Jeff Stevenson
vor 5 Tagen
You are listed on the “Ship information unfilled” tab of the delivery sheet. I suspect you had a confirmation mail go to spam that you didn’t answer so they are holding until they hear from you. Per their posting:

Please email if you find your backer number in “To be confirmed” or “Ship info unfilled”. We may arrange your shipment after Spring Festival if you don’t send your info to support in 3 days.

I would email them ASAP so you can get your headset shipped before the Spring festival delay.

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vor weniger als einer Minute
thas fucking crazy ! i give pimax more than one time my Adress !!!

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kickstater nr 3.250