KickStarter: Received HeadSet but no Base Stations or Controllers ! Why?

And why are my emails ignored since 6 day´s ??

Just because you asked. Start god damn researching this forum before writing these kind of posts. This literaly is the 101 post about these complains.


Nice answer… So the customers now need to do their own research when paid items are missing and emails are ignored ?!

Sorry, my bad.

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Lighthouses & controllers aiming for Q3 at last post from pimax. At a guess might be sometime in June as Valve is scheduled to release there headset & will finally honor supplying Lighthouse modules to pimax & other companies.

The search button does help & other forums request folks to search before starting topics.

Although Allocen can be brash at times he is correct, you’re not the first one on this year long waiting train. There’s a topic search button at the top.


Thank you. :thinking:


You say you are a Kickstarter and the KS occurred in 2017 and you emailed for 6 days and just today decide to join the forum? Yep you need to do some research here in the forum.
Also if you are a KS backer then you are not a customer in the technical sense of the term. Sounds more like you are a pre-order than a backer and even if that were the case you should certainly have done some research either way.