Kickstarter Headstrap

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I’m not on here too often these days, but I checked the last 10 days and didn’t see anything definitive on this.

In light of the fact that there’s no information on the promised Kickstarter headstrap, and additionally inspired by the Valve Index, I’m wondering if Pimax has any plans to incorporate the audio solution of the Index into their deluxe/kickstarter headstrap.

While generally speaking, I really want it soon since I have a clunky cable hanging off my current solution (not going to buy the OG Vive DHS when I was promised another by Pimax), I’d be fine waiting in the knowledge that we can get similar performance on Pimax’s solution.

Anyway - can someone at Pimax confirm if their DHS will have a Valve Index-styled audio solution or if it’ll be more like OG Vive DHS?



Pimax has been silent. Only saying Q4 target & 2 designs. If there following KS commitment the DHS will at least offer removable Audio to allow folks to use their own if prefered.

Some really clever users here have created a variety of solutions.

  • Including Vive DAS mods to use with pimax; one more recent uses s flip up option.

  • Psvr headstrap mod

  • On the cheap poorman’s deluxe headstrap.

Truthfully imho & major review sites they should try getting this moving as ski google mounts are not idea (straps).


I got the 3d printed DAS adapters, they’re ‘ok’, but they extend the strap quite a bit and I feel it’s only really going to suit individuals with larger heads. It’s on the verge of being too large for me with the strap on it’s smallest setting (circumference that is, the top strap adjusts plenty).

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It would be really cool to see their prototypes and progress. Their stackup of lens iterations was very neat from a process / product development perspective. Plus it would be good to give us a “sign of life” on some of the products, to help increase confidence they’ll make their pre-2020 goals.

Most people here would love to see what’s going on behind the scenes. Even the “Pimaxes ready to ship” pictures were fun to see regularly, and helped us connect to the people working on the product.


In the very beginning there even were pics of the developers sitting at their desks and working, that really gave me an idea of the company and the guys working there. It didn’t look highly sophisticated but I liked it even more for that. Real people doing what they like doing. But I guess too much money was involved and they never went back to those types of behind the scenes shots.


IMO they’ve been burned too much by community response to what they’ve posted (deserved or undeserved), and therefore have decided to go silent until they’re done delivering. I look forward to having the full set in hand someday, and maybe then we’ll get to see pictures of happy Pimax employees working on their next big dream.


I wonder what happened with the “three pieces of selected content”. Didn’t find any news about that in the forum. Are there any updates out there yet? Did I miss something?

No exactly nothing happened though it would even have no shipping costs involved…
I think that tells much about this company…