Kickstarter backers survey expected when?

@anon23564932 its a simple question please, I am mid way backer Number
will you be announcing what backer numbers you are sending survey,s to and will this be through Kickstarter survey or pimax ?
I ask because i get alot of emails and would hate to miss it ,thankyou G

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you get an email direct from to verify address and choice of HMD. Should get it a couple of weeks before due to ship (or so…)


Check the spreadsheet to get a number of the latest backer that got the survey and to get a feel for the pace…

Edit said link would be good

@BonBenE: Could you (or someone else) please be so kind to provide just a link to the spreadsheet. I can enter the sheet in your post, but only in a relatively small window. And I`m not able to change the size of that window.
Or can somebody point me to the topic, where the spreadsheet was mentioned or introduced?

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thats great it seems a few people have had a survey already but still seems a little slow

a little slow? at this tempo we not gonne reach all backers before Christmas…


They have sent the choice up to backer 400 as of today. Tracking numbers up to 109. That we can see. They could be a little higher than that.

well at lest when the kickstarter pledges are fulfilled this forum will be restocked with people waiting from preorders hay

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Thanks, fjw! Filled in my data.
@PimaxUSA: I´m number 1943. So there is still hope to get the survey (and the Pimax) this year.

Too optimistic to say your weeks before shipment.

I am a partitioner with a number less than 150.

I received the mail of choice on September 25 and continue to know nothing of the tracking number.

And it’s been more than a month.

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