Keep your eyes peeled

This is a new experience for me. I’m not used to this much variable change in an HMD experience. Going from .95 to .109 has been night and day. I went from enjoying a small fov to enjoying a large fov. I also went from enjoying a custom facial interface to enjoying the default interface. Just…be aware that things are up in the air and in beta and obviously improving greatly. Take everything with a grain of salt and be patient to find your personal sweet spot. I’m only saying this because nobody said it to me.


Very true about the personal sweet spot. Seems everyone needs to find theirs to get that wow effect


Good Advice…
I just learned today from a pm that my headset is being delayed once again. My patience has been tested these past few weeks, but I get it… Pimax as a leading industry company is in it’s infancy. So… not only do I need to remember to be patient once I do get my headset, but also while I’m waiting for my Pimax XR to be built.

Wish me Luck :wink:


I’m still waiting for the Pimax support team to reply with anything other than “let’s please have a TeamViewer session so we can check it out” (without any date or other instructions) since the 25th of February, since my 8K is broken…