KDMAS with the Artisan

Finally, I connected the long-awaited KDMAS audio strap to the Pimax Artisan headset.​

A. Connection process​

  1. Remove the face gasket, pull it out carefully.
  2. Remove existing strap
  3. Attach the top strap of the KDMAS audio strap to the top of the headset (older models require an adapter)
  4. Attach the KDMAS audio strap to the left and right clips of the headset
  5. Connect the Y jack to the left 3.5mm stereo port of the headset
  6. After wearing the headset, tighten the dial on the back of the audio strap.
  7. Grasp the speaker bar and apply light pressure to lower it down to fit the ear.​

B. Comfort​

The pressure on the face was increased a little by turning the dial on the back to fix it.
It is much more sturdy and stable to wear than when using a strap.
When putting on and taking off, simply turn the dial on the audio strap and lift the rear part up.
The center alignment of the lens and the eye can also be used for a much longer period of time without being distorted during use thanks to the rigid fixation.​

C. Sound quality test​

For the sound quality test, I used AKG earphones and wireless headsets, which I have been using to continuously listen to BTS-‘Dynamite’.

AKG is a vivid medium and small bass sound output, so each range is clearly separated and can be heard well, so I have mainly used AKG only. (AKG was also used in Odyssey Plus. haha…)

The sound quality of the Pimax KDMAS is similar to that of AKG.

However, due to the length of the headphones that are not completely covered by the ears, the sound quality is a little bit different.

When I press the headset deeply and listen, it sounds right. This part was the most disappointing…

I noticed a difference as I repeated listening…

It was a bit disappointing for the middle and high-pitched sounds with a little bit of a feeling compared to AKG, and the bass sound was much stronger, so it was good to hear it powerfully.

As a result, I am generally satisfied.

Well, since I am not an audio expert, I have no choice but to convey this feeling. hehe…​

D. Issue​

  1. Issues reported on the forum

‘In the case of the Pimax product, which has two 3.5mm ports on the left and right of the headset, it is said that sound quality and volume are degraded if the Y jack is not used.’

Make sure to connect it to the left port of the headset using the Y jack.

This seems to be a problem of audio output on the PCB board that differs for each headset, as Pimax was designed to be compatible with all Pimax models at the time of kdmas design.However, in the case of DMAS compatible with pimax Vision series, there is no such problem because different BMR is applied.​

  1. KDMAS Audistrap headphones are short and cannot completely cover your ears.

This is the most painful thing, but because of this, the sound quality fluctuates.

When the ears are completely covered, the powerful tones of the bass and the middle and mid tones are well transmitted.

Due to the subtly short length, complete sound transmission is not possible.

When the ears are covered by forcefully pulling, the lens and the eyes are not aligned, causing the Fresnel lens to stand out and distort.

To solve this problem, I wrote a ticket to Pimax customer support to see if there is a hinge that can bend the strap a little further down, but…there is no…

E. Conclusion​

The KDMAS promised by pimax to its sponsors helps you immerse yourself in the virtual environment even more by delivering a stable fit and sound quality similar to AKG.

I wonder if it would be perfect if only short speakers were supplemented.



Nice write-up… :+1::wink:

That’s not true.

Lots of us have hinges that go further down than what You’re showing… :wink:

It’s supposed to cup the lower part of Your head.

On mine, I just had to apply a little bit of force to make it go past the lump they put on the hinges.


Good info thanks. I made an inquiry to pimax support. :grin:


Pimax said :
“That plastic hinges are for 8KX headset, not suitable for your Artisan.”
I can’t believe it. :rage:

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Do you have the metal hinges? I just got my KDMAS, and it goes all the way down. One just needs to use some force to overcome the first resistance.


Ok, I’ll try it. thanks.


Oh my goodness~~!!!
It’s perfect. thanks~~!!!


I didn’t think there was any difference to the hinges.

Sorry about that… :pensive:

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I think the support person is misinformed. The hinges are for all pimax headsets with the exception of the p1:series headsets. I think someone may need to audit as any support member should understand the modularity and what is only specific for certain model(s).

8kX uses special All in One cable not compatible with other models. Or SMAS and DMAS audio only compatible with 8k+ & 8kX.

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Had any problems with the tightening on the dial/strap? Dont know if mine is defective or they designed it to loosen up a bit when it is tightened all the way to my head.

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Tight enough to feel a strong pressure, but it’s okay.

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It is much more comfortable to wear like this thanks to the installation guide. ^^…

Don’t miss it. :star_struck: :sunglasses:


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