KAT loco Kickstarter coming in June (Works on the Pimax)

Just received my Cybershoes this morning. Gonna try them this week and report here.


Thats a relief. XD 202020


Only 2 ps4vr games are compatible for now , same as it was and is for the kat mini that i have.

For vr, not every game works and has been tested. The ones that for sure should work are the ones listed on theor website .

I have tried " the exorcist" and it never worked with the kat mini and it does not work for kat loco. What locomotion system that game uses.

The kat loco and kat mini are always in development products, so the game compatibbility should change overtime and inprove.

Mocap should come in December and not sure when keyboard mode would be ready


Thanks for the info. Really looking forward to receiving my kit (+ the WalkOVR kit and FeelVR wheel+pedals I also backed)… :wink:

Just received update. Basic VRchat Mocap software update out soon.

However if you backed 2 kits & want advanced Mocap. They have hit some challenges & need more time(not known) to work on Tech (Hardware & software i believe).

So for me likely opting to wait.

Hopefully in the meantime WalkOVR ships soon.

I have a walkovr test unit. Works fine but there were limitations… but i am picky when comes down to locomotion, that is why i am making my own custom made locomotion system and when optimized i hope to share how i did it so that anyone interested could do it. I posted here some steps while i am doing it.

Fkr walkovr, i do not like that the sideways movements and backwards movements are done by the chest and not by the feet.
For the ps and pc games, there was no difference between going fast of slow, there was only 1 speed of locomotion, fast. Hopefully they will offer 2 locomotion speed


I’ve been following Your progress… :wink::+1:

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Thanks! Stuck on optimizing the code.
The person helping me with arduino coding is only available on weekends and it is taking a long time. Unfortunately i am not proficient in coding arduino and coding in general, so i have to rely on others.

Wonderimg if there is anyone here proficient in arduino coding willing to help.

I have 1 version of the coding that needs some fine tuning to be completed.

The older version of the coding already works but it works differently than the latest coding and it is giving me a hard time thinking at a location to wear the accelerometers to make this old version of coding work since the accelerometers need to move in acertain way to distinguish between slow walk and fast run


Anyone would please share a list of games to test on the kat loco? Which games you would like to know if they work and that are not on the list of games already told by kat loco to be compatible with kat loco?


Received my kit today (and the WalkOVR the other day)… What a Christmas… :wink:

Backer #14x


Will do… So far I haven’t been able to make it work yet, so there’s a plus for WalkOVR… :smiley:

Setup was so much easier on the WalkOVR (the calibration sequence on the KAT Loco kit is a bit annoying since I’m doing it in another room and have to remember the steps as walking back and forth during calibration between monitor and play space will screw it up (fail).

Calibration is done after memorizing the steps, but no movement in Boneworks (which should be supported, I guess).

There’s absolutely nothing about the options in the manual, so there’s another + for the WalkOVR though only a small one as settings defaulted to non-working too… :wink:

EDIT: Just noticed there’s a “Installation and first use video of KAT loco”:

EDIT2: Doesn’t show anything regarding the actual setup, so I’m unsure why it doesn’t work. Maybe I should redo the calibration again. Also noticed on their page that there’s a SteamVR dashboard for the KAT Gateway software which is cool, so I’ll give that a go while in-game… :slight_smile:


Yes. Katloco calibration is a pain in the butt. Walkovr calibrarion is a 1 click calibration instead.
I had to redo the calibration multiple times on the katloco go get it right. Annoying.

Make sure in their software to select the right mode before starting the game. It should be on turbo

Also make sure to mount the right sensor on the right foot. By the bright light there is a letter that indicates if that sensor is the right or the left.

Also recharge the units. They are not charged/low charge in the box . The light should be solid and not blinking


Agree… :wink:

I’ll check that tonight. Thanks! :+1:

Pretty sure I did that right but I might have missed it… :thinking:

I started charging them as soon as I unpacked them as the kids were awake anyway (= no gaming or any activity that requires full attention)… :crazy_face:

Yeah, they seem very genuine… :wink:

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@MarcoBalletta. Moved the KAT Loco discussion over here… :wink:

It seems to me the software for the KAT Loco (“KAT Gateway”) is pretty broken… :smiley:


Seems like it keeps trying to start it up but fails. As soon as You mouse-over the icons they’re gone so that part is just Windows… :wink:

I’ll try to reboot again and give it one more go (just noticed that they’re placing the sensors on the side of the ankles and not the front so trying that too), but so far I haven’t been able to move forward at all, only side-ways and backwards but not when I should… :smiley:

EDIT: It gets even “better”. After rebooting I had the same issue so I uninstalled KAT Gateway and KAT InSteam (which is installed by KAT Gateway I guess).

I had also installed KAT IO as I didn’t know if that was needed but it seems like that’s only for the threadmills so I tried to uninstall it:


And the service is still there after uninstall of KAT Gateway - great… :wink:


It seems like Pimax and PiTool software isn’t so bad after all… :smiley:


Got into the same problem and they fix it manually going into my PC. That sucks because i just asked yesterday if they fixed that since i had to remove their software. Obliviously it is still broken. So annoying!

Contact theit service online


Thanks a lot for the update… :wink:

I’ll wait for the next version then… :slight_smile:

Another thing. Are they “supposed” to stay on at all times?

I mean there’s no power on/off function.

Or do they turn off at some point if not being charged (I leave them in the charger, but they’re powered on and searchable in Bluetooth).

It seems that as soon as we touch the sensors, they turn on. There is no real on/off button that i know of.

Their tutorial/user guide is incomplete on different aspects. Another thing they should improve.

They made a q/a page to integrate their user guide.

Not sure if the answer is there though but some things not touched in their user guide is there.

With katvr, per experience, if we do not have multiple people.complaining about the same issue, they do nothing about it.

I think it helps if you just let them know of the problem otherwise who knows when we get an update.

I feel walkovr is more plug and play.

For Katloco instead you have to hit your head on a wall a few times before maybe you make it work


You’re right. I’ll contact them when time permits… :+1:


What version of that program u installed?


KAT Gateway is 1.1.1.

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