Just Reveived the 5K+, Have Some issues

So I’ve got everything set up. PiTool detects everything, I can start SteamVR and so on. But I have two problems.

  1. Powering on a Vive controller crashes SteamVr Instantly, so I cannot use controllers at all.
  2. I’m getting a “snow” effect when running apps. Little white dots popping up everywhere.

Any known solutions to these problems?

Edit: For those that get here, the solutions were:

Delete openvrpaths.vrpath in AppData/Local/openvr and rerun steam vr room setup
Re-seat the headset end of the cord


With white popping dots check headset plug (mske sure firmly seated) & try a different dp port. If availably try on another pc.

Otherwise you might have a bad cable. Some have found a different wall plug adapter or usb port.

Vive Wands not sure on. Try Steam lvr pairing option.

@park & @spamenigma & @barshiftgames might have some tips on lhes & controllers.

In the Banner check 5k 8k directory @Davebobman has created a goid troubleshooting topic i think might be in Getting started faq

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I figured out the controller issue. I had to delete my openvrpaths.vrpath file an rerun room setup. For the cord, I cannot figure out how to re-seat the headset side. It looks like it’s sealed on there and I don’t want to pull too hard.

Edit: Randomly finagling the cord fixed it :stuck_out_tongue: guess I eventually put pressure in the right place.

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Awesome glad you got it working.