Just received my 8K

Hello all…

I was closely inactive here for 2 weeks cuz my headset was on the way by EMS.
The tracking status way stucked in Singapore office from March, 27 till yesterday, but now it’s here.

I’m not native speaker and there are a lot of reviews already, so, I’ll be concise and try to highlight some unusual “first hour” moments.

I’m a backer 2779 from Russia.

  1. Alchemy. I still have no idea how setup works. Just a sequence of chaotic restarts and ta-da!

  2. Second monitor is not an option. My headset don’t wanna turn the display while my second monitor is powered on.
    Update. It works with 2 QHD monitors. :slight_smile:

  3. FOV? Where? At the very beginning I did not feel any change in FOV, it came with time. And yes, I can now see my boobs in Elite, without breaking the neck. :smiley:

  4. SDE. It’s here. I can see it everywhere when I want to hunt it.

  5. Aliasing. This is my new problem. I have to find out the solution ASAP.

  6. Smell, as the main impression It’s still in my nose. Time to customize some materials. The cushion can be simply washed with a fragrant shower gel.

  7. Black levels It’s really fine even in Elite. It feels more like a glow fx, not like a bright display.

  8. Lightbleeding. Nose and sides have some bleeds, no problem. Easily fixable.

  9. Ready for developers. The headset works perfectly as a XR device with built-in OpenVR Unity plugin.

  10. Much comfy than Vive. P8 is lighter and even with rough headstrap is much comfortable than Vive headset.

  11. Hardware ecosystem needs to evolve. There is no software option to turn off the (Vive) lighthouses and controllers.

  12. Software needs to evolve. A lot of operations have no feedback. As example, during installation, there is no confirmation of successful calibration. During the change of brightness and FOV there are no notifications of the required restart and so on.

  13. Romance with 2070. BrainWarp is outstanding. 65 Hz is enough for me. Beat Saber runs great in Large FOV. Elite runs great in Large, but Vive+Ultra settings were downshifted to P8+Medium.

Brilliant package. Light, compact and durable. While opening the box, something was jumping inside. It was scary. It turns out that the caps flew off the cable. :slight_smile:

Excellent plastic. The spots that I saw on almost all pics are not any defects of the material, but fingerprints.

Great sound without any issues.

Perfect displays with zero dead pixels.

No problems with DP cable.

IPD, Distortions, default cushion. no problem at all.

Is this a new generation headset? Perhaps, I need more time to solve.
Is Pimax a pain in a$$es for other VR-players? No doubt.

Despite the fact that over the past 15 months my balls have turned gray, I am extremely grateful to the Pimax team and I’m confident in their Pro skills…


Nice review, glad you finally received it’s been a long road. By at least this checkpoint is almost complete. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Congratulations :sunglasses:
You are probably not used to SDE 8K yet.
There is an opportunity to compare SDE with another headset, maybe?

(Yesterday, my 8K got out of customs in Russia in Moscow, I am waiting for my arrival in my city next week. The review will definitely be done on 8K. I will compare the SDE 8K with Lenovo Explorer, in a visual photo through the lens. There will also be a comparison with Odyssey +.
(I hope SDE will not disappoint me so much. Now I have a Lenovo Explorer, SDE is quite comfortable, but I want better pixels than in it)


IMO SDE is comparable to Oculus Go, or slightly better. I had no experience with Odissey+ or Vive Pro.
All this time, my workhorse was the HTC Vive and in comparison, one might say, there is no SDE on P8. :slight_smile:

I haven’t tried various supersampling modes yet and my opinion was about default settings.

I have not experienced the wow-factor. At first I was upset about the aliasing and moire at the grid of the SteamVR default grey scene, but over time, the perception shifts towards complete satisfaction.


Congrats Good to hear yours is finally arriving. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

@anon74848233 please add to earlybackers.


I thought this day would never come already … :laughing:
Still, a miracle happens in the near future, finally i can soon feel the super-wide FOV in full :boom::+1:

The only pity is that the controllers and base stations will be sometime later. (But I managed to buy one station on the cheap, this is still enough for me, since I built a cockpit for racing and bought a Fanatec Csl PS4 steering wheel. I’ve already started to conquer different tracks at the moment, I like it. So for now I can manage without controllers. But, I hope that they will arrive soon. But there are still a lot of stretched goals that we all are waiting for too. I would really like to get Pimax-Das first of all, for convenience).)
Well, okay, now, the main thing is to wait for 8K for a few days, very little is left already :roll_eyes:


Well, actually, this is not so bad. Although, of course, we all waited for SDE from 8K no worse than on the Pimax 4K.
Unfortunately, probably because of the diagonal structure of the panels, the resolution turned out to be less clear.


The green screen pixels are quite noticeable, diamonds affect picture clarity, but, anyway the P8 displays are great. In dynamics those issues are completely unnoticed, but, true, working / reading text in VR of early 2019 still isn’t as convenient as on a monitor.


Just a small note to your number 11 - there is a software option in pitool to disable lighthouses.


Are you talking about this option?


It does not put my lighthouses to sleep.

Btw, if you’re interested in russian localization of PiTool, I can help.


You can try risa’s solution.

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Oh, looks interesting. It would be great to use this method to turn off the controllers.

I prefer to turn off my lighthouses rather than put them to sleep. Now I use Broadlink Wi-Fi sockets and an Android app, but this is not very comfy. I look towards Xiaomi MI Home with remote buttons:

Main socket board
Wi-Fi sockets
Remote button
Mi Home gateway


There is one urgent dangerous thing.

The power button on the headset is not the only way to turn the headset on.
Uncontrolled headset power on occurs when power is applied after an interruption.

This may be the cause of the breakdown.

I had an issue with flickering white dots after trying to connect the headset to my laptop using DP2mDP adapter. This is the adapter issue only, but I have not another to make more the tests. Have to find a more pricy adapter.

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