Just payed more than 1700 USD for the 8KX

Why did I just payed 300 USD in taxes? Bringing the price to more than 1700 USD along with 120 for shipping.

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Ask Pimax for further clarification regarding Taxes.

@PimaxUSA @SweViver @Matthew.Xu @PimaxVR

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It must be a mistake. I’ve looked into it and they should not be charging VAT, either Chinese or European.

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Well, they are. Let’s try pimax support. Fear…

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Same here. Taxes charged with order of 8KX. No reply from Pimax yet.

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I do not think it’s a mistake with customs.

Rather, customs were bypassed the first time.

We had no customs fees at the beginning. If you live in Germany and have bought a product Pimax, then the goods have been delivered from UK Warehouse.

There are no customs fees.

But now the goods come directly from China.

Now Pimax has to pay customs directly. Because ups, it has to register with Customs.

Are you trying to say that they closed UK Warehous ? Becouse its not true.

Yea what was up with that warehouse situation. A lot of dollars were bypassed in that way, I never quite understood how they did that

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Why did you pay so much in the first place :roll_eyes:


Wherehouses are working many ppl who preorderd or ordered 5k/8k payed only transport costs. Pimax do not discovered “wheel” many Chinese company already doing that sales very long time. Last time I ordered android car audio from AliExpress and got many wearhouses options.
That is why I am recommending full stop till they says something about tax situations. We are enthusiast not idiots!
Also I wonder why “independet” YT-bers are silent and nobody is talking about Pimax sales. @VoodooDE @mixedrealityTV


They actually said that they’re working on a warehouse in Germany:


I will report about this in my weekly news (every Sunday) as usual :wink:
Pimax promised me a 8K X (Robin himself at CES) and a Pimax 8K Plus (Kevin).
As soon as I get them I’ll review them.


The “independent” Youtubers also only got the same information like you, the stream. I am working on a video trying to condense the information.


I look forward to your ‘impartiality’ @MRTV


Thanks guys , I knew it that you guys read in silent all this stuff… :wink:

We’re all boiling in the background lol

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Thanx. Be honest , like you did when Vive Pro prices show up.

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I just tried to buy an 8KX to Germany to find out about the tax situation myself and for me, I get no taxes at all but a 60US delivery fee. So I really wonder, who got to pay taxes and who dont?

Edit: Or probably I gotta pay taxes later to the shipping company when they deliver?


Hello,i though they said free shipping for the 8kx?

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I wouldn’t buy anything before the situation is cleared.