Just got my Pimax 5k + , took only 7 days :D

That was fast, my VR room is still under makeover so cant test it yet.

Gonna write short review here soon as i have it runing.

I still have my rift and just sold my odyssey (not plus) so i have something to compare.

Mainly DCS user so cant wait :slight_smile:

-Edit- I used E-ville.com shop here in Finland, so maybe thats why it came so fast. Its only place that sells pimax her in Finland (least that i know)


Wish mine would be here that fast

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Mrvr has anyone given you an explanation because this is getting a bit silly? From memory you were a backer not pre order 5k+ or 8k? Did I miss that you you had an hmd and returned it as faulty or as I suspect never got one?


i backed the 8k and swapped it to 5k+ backer 6248 i also won an 8k on pimaxes facbook competition
not had either of them yet and the info i get is about the same as i have been told before from dallas and from mozi even though about 3 weeks apart
both said to be patient 5k has left SH and dallas will send 8k next week
trouble is this info has been told to me before and still nothing
i eagerly await them both as patiently as i can but its far from easy with no tracking info or real updates i feel i can trust as being correct


Iā€™m sorry to hear that. Bit annoying as I believe Pimax encouraged people to swap from 8k to 5k+ as they would arrive quicker. IMHO it is worth the wait when it arrives - good luck.

Apologies OP back to you.


This is just wrong, I am a higher backer number than you (and switched from 8K to 5K+) and received my HMD a month ago. Comon ,Pimax, help this guy out.

@mozi @Pimax-Support @anon74848233


Well, now i have some hours with my new toy.

  1. This thing is so light, much nicer to wear than my ex odyssey and least same comfort like my rift. i have quite big head (avarage finnish male) so maybe thats why. Great :slight_smile:

  2. Quality, least my unit has really good build quality. Solid and no cheap plastic used.

More news and review to come soon as i have time (and VR room ready)


And now i have about 20 hours of gaming with my new love : Pimax 5k+

  1. Really nice and comfort headset. Foam is about 18mm and real soft.
    Im 189cm and 105kg , so for avarage finnish person like me this headset is perfect.

  2. My IPD is 68mm , so i have IPD set to 68,1 from wheel. Software ipd offset is 0. = perfect clarity on both eyes and no problems wiht eyes. Dont know why but even oculus and odyssey get my eyes tired , but with pimax my eyes are more relaxed. WEIRD ? but im happy, really happy.

  3. Optics are super fine, big sweet spot, and i can just look instruments with my eyes in DCS , no need to move head so much as in Odyssey. DCS is super fun now, no need to use zoom etc, everything is sharp. Steam VR 100% and Pitool 1 and DCS PD 1.0 , tonight i will test some supersampling, cant wait :slight_smile:

  4. just ask, i try to tell my feelings more soon as i get more DCS time.

5.EDIT- and NO SH**** GOD RAYS like in oculus or odyssey. Its really awesome to look games now when there is no god rays to ruin my immersion. Good work pimax.

My head set is P2 , so maybe its with better optics :slight_smile:

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