Jumping frames every time

Hi everybody.

I’m suffering jumping frames when I use my Pimax with Pitool .180.

Do you have the same problem?

Is not stuttering. Are frames that jump to another position in the VR. When I’m looking at something, I can be still, but I see the object and the environment jumping sometimes. Only one frame, but every 2 seconds.

It happens in all games, in steam home, with minimum SS, without Smooth Motion, and with all HZ and fovs.

Any idea? Thanks.

I think I used to get that (and if I recall correctly other people reported similar problems) some months ago with an earlier Nvidia driver and a particular SteamVR version. Currently I’m using the latest NVidia version with the latest SteamVR beta and I don’t see this kind of periodic hiccup.


I will try Steam Vr beta!! Thanks

No, it doesn’t work.

I tried last nvidia drivers. Tried las steam Vr beta.

The jumping frames are in Pimax Home and Oculus Home too.

I tried with all the Pitool options, tried with v-sync off in nvidia drivers, etc…

@Sean.Huang any idea? Somebody?

Ah! In Pimax Home and Oculus Home I have less jumping frames. But I still have it even when I’m still.

In steam Vr notwithstanding it’s worse. A lot more. I can play but it’s horrible.

Yen what is your system config? Is this just one 1 headset or both?

Can you list games as well?

I7 with 1080ti and 16gb ram.

I have a lot of games hehe I tried 10-20 in Oculus and Steam VR. Every time I have this jumping frames like “glitches” in the image. Specially in Steamvr

At first I think it was the cable, but it doesn’t have sense because it depends of the software too (Steam Vr has more, and oculus and Pimax home has less).

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Sorry for your trouble but you still didn’t say whether the issues was on both your 5K+ and 8K or just one headset. This goes to whether your issue is Pimax hardware or related to something with your computer.

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I have this problem also. Reverted to Pitool 144 which works fine.

We are due a new Pitool very soon I believe.


Tomorrow I will try it. But for me… I need the IPD height offset per eye.

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I7 is thatvan 8000 series?

Is it on both 5k+ & 8k?

I haven’t observed this on r7 2700x 16g ddr4 3200 ram with 1080ti.

Yes, that version does height offset.

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6800k :slight_smile: hehe the 8K is in another place. I only use 5K+ hehe

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See were backwards. My 5k+ is in it’s box while I use the 8k. Is the 6800k a 6 core processor?

When I was using i5 6500 4 core processor was getting major jaggies & such on tge 1080ti.

EDiT: see it is a 6 core processor. Are you Overclocking to get closer to 4ghz? Either way processor gpu mix should be good.

Thanks! Finally it was the .180 Pitool that doesn’t work well. With .144 Everything work like a charm hehe


Yeah seems to be some kinks in 180. Some xp issues while others have good xp. Hopefully they release a true stable soon.


It could also be either loss or misread tracking. If it happens only intermittently, it would not lead to shutdown, but can manifest as inconsistent head position. Can you try disabling the lighthouses and only play with 3DOF to check this theory?

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@PimaxVR Is there a ETA for a new PiTool?

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I don’t know… now with old .144 it works flawlessly hehe

@Heliosurge can we add this thread to temporary fixes for this troubleshooting problem.