Jittering when playing OrbusVR with my pimax 5k+

When drawing a bow it jitters and when drawing a spell the wand is jittery.

Is this jittering issue a Pimax thing or something setup wrong by the game developer?

I do not see the same issue with other headsets… Just the Pimax.

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here is the same thing but with the vive pro…

Pimax has some real issues… I will be selling mine i guess.

The jitters are just TOO MUCH with the Pimax to use it on any competitive level imho.

That have nothing to do with pimax specificly its badly aimed lighthouses, mirrors, tv-screens, windows or so.


nope because vive pro works fine so it is a pimax related thing… controllers etc randomly jitter with a pimax but not with a vive pro.

Try changing the lighthouses aa it seems some adjustment maybe need to be augmented due ti tracking sensor positions.

Controller tracking is from my knowledge just sent through headset’s bluetooth to computer.

J11 problem is like when you aim direct at a lighthouse you can get problems, for me when i aim at the lighthouse with “c” sometime the controllers get crazy, when i had big problems with it i did a 360 turn Before i started any game and if it was there i restarted steam vr and did so until it was good, this happened on vive time.

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The issue started happening on the vive pro so it is likely not the pimax… although the issue is much more obvious on the pimax… probably because of the larger FOV etc.

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I have OrbusVR but I haven’t tried it on my Pimax yet. I’ll try it out tonight and see if I’m experiencing the same issues. What settings are you using? Also, I have it through the Oculus store. Not sure if that’ll matter or not.


You see it in other games to like Onward espacaly if you use a 4x or 12x scope.

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