It's Official Pre-Orders Shipping Before Backers - Are you Bothered though?

Well it’s official for whatever reasons, pre-order customers who ordered mere months ago are now getting their headsets shipped to them whilst many backers who pledged over a year ago are still waiting. Does this make you happy, upset indifferent or plain MAAAAAD!!!

  • I am totally annoyed by this Backers should be first
  • I don’t care, at least Pimax are shipping units
  • I am totally happy about this as a backer
  • I am really happy about this as a pre-order customer
  • Not really sure what to think about this (indifferent)

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I am annoyed by this and feel for any 5K+ backers yet to get their headsets, but I understand Pimax has encountered some issues with peoples orders. 8K backers like myself though are just in another world of hurt entirely.



The problem here isn’t so much that pre-orders are shipping before backers, but more that PiMax arbitrarily decided to stop an entire country of backers from receiving theirs as a shortcut to replace faulty units from the EU. The UK was basically swept to one side as a quick fix.

I know that but I understand the reasoning behind it even if it was a poor choice imo. They should have delegated better, or at least told those who were waiting for replacement that it would/might be delayed. You can also argue 8K backers were completely shafted for the sake of all the 5K+ backers. Pushed to the back of the line when the 8K was the HMD the Kickstarter backers were sold on. I really hope there is some form of recompense for 8Kers in light of this shafting.



I actually don’t care if my unit is shipped one week later than pre order and with all the quality issues, this can even be a good thing. If it’s only a matter of days, I don’t mind.

Pimax does what Pimax does, no reeeeing will make a difference.
There are just so many fs one can give.


I don’t care, if I get my HMD after someone who preordered, as long I get a HMD with no dead pixels, light bleed, cracked edges, black dots, broken cable, stuck in DFU mode or completely DOA…
My enthusiasm getting the HMD and the hype/good feelings have disappeared and I’m now got a great fear of getting a faulty unit, after waiting over one and a half year… that’s for itself a bad thing, i should be looking forward to the Pimax with joy feelings…!


I am annoyed as hell. I wanted an 8k. They told me it is delayed way too late. If I switched t 5k knowing this I’d have my 5k now as backer 1913.

Then they tell me I can switch to 5k for immediate delivery. I’ve done that. Now I have no 8k wich was my choice at first. I got no 5k+. And now preorder guys get theirs. I am annoyed yes.


I’m absolutely pissed. And this is the last time they get leniency and that is the chance I receive mine before preorders. Otherwise they just lost any future orders with me and people i know.

EDIT: Forgot to mention how bullshit it is they are cutting it this close.


I feel quite betrayed as well. Pre-order fellers getting their units before the backers, hmph, that wasn’t the deal.

For the next Pimax Kickstarter, if there will be any, I’m sure to be in the first ten backers.



i am mildly buttmad. The only salve for it is the free stuff backers get over preorders.


to me it looked like Pimax tried to ship to all backers first. But when backers don’t fill out the questionnaire or individuals face other reasons for being delayed like 8k or 5kBE production is stuck, or backers choosed to get all in one package or non, or local warehouses have served all waiting backers but have certain stock left for new customers, etc. etc. then Pimax should sell and ship existing HMDs to whomever they can.


No the unfilled questionnaire falls entirely on pimax. They choose to not let us know info was unfilled until a month after sending the questionnaire. And production delays could have been forgiven had they told us about them sooner.


Not true, my HMD has status “shipped”. Never requested anything, just filled out the questionnaire(s) for a 5k+. Still no tracking number or new info and backers with higher numbers get notifications, including preorder people. This is strange. You would think it’s easier to dispatch packages in order.


I see that, on a couple of thousand backers things can go wrong for some. They should immediately solve the individual problems to satisfy all backers asap. That Pimax had to publish an online doc with backer numbers and shipping info to double check tells a lot. IIRC I got my shipping news about 2 weeks b4 the shipping number, then the shipping from UK actually went faster than expected.
I was under impression it’s only a few that really face problems. Most unserved ones did ask to get theirs later as complete sets or were not in contact at all. Some of Pimax emails went into my spam folder also, many things can go wrong when just relying on internet tools including google translate. In my opinion that doesn’t make it necessary to keep em from serving new customers.


I don’t care about two, three weeks. But what really bothers me is the information policy, especially, if they knew about a delayed delivery to EU backers.

Just tell the truth. It is so simple.

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Let’s get something straight. All 5k+ backers shipped before preorder 5k+ shipped. If you backed the 8k, you were going to wait regardless of whether or not the 5k+ preorders started shipping. God, I sound like a broken record but once Pimax fulfilled the 5k+ backers, they simply moved on.

I’m not saying that you’re unjustified in being frustrated on the wait. I’m saying your frustration is misplaced onto the preorders that didn’t affect you at all.

EDIT: wording


This is not correct though. I’m a 5K+ backer and my survey details are correct. I’m in the spreadsheet as shipping to overseas and still no tracking number. Meanwhile a friend who lives nearby pre-ordered, got his tracking number and his 5k+ will be delivered the day after tomorrow.

Something has gone wrong and communication about it is lacking.


The first batch of preorders shipped a bit before CNY and that batch included the few remaining backers. Again, I’m not saying you shouldn’t be frustrated that you don’t have a tracking number and that you’re still waiting, but it’s misplaced. The actual decision to start shipping preorders did NOT put you on the wayside.

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